Meet our Go Forth pioneers for 2012. These individuals have followed their hearts and pursued their dreams in their respective fields. They’ve gone against the grain and have broken through to receive the recognition that they deserve for their success.

But their success has not come easy. They’ve had to make sacrifices and have worked hard to see their dreams come true. The common thread that binds them is the desire to do more with their lives. They have hardly started. And neither have you.

Each of our Go Forth pioneers has an amazing story to

inspire you with. We’ve collected their stories in our Dressed With Intent lookbook, with stunning photography done by Joshua Chay of The Spacemen You can also gain a unique insight into our project with The Spacemen’s Dressed With Intent videos produced in collaboration with Larry Chew and Jeremy Teo.

So ask yourself this. Every morning, before you head out the door, are you dressed for success? Or are you dressed to impress? Are you truly Dressed With Intent?

Go Forth.

The Spacemen are Joshua Chay and Chris Lim: Two guys who are making waves in the photography and videography scene. Learn more about them here.

Ami Schaheera

She's not just your average blogger. Ami had to fight a great personal obstacle that she still faces to this day to be the style icon that she is today.

Darren Ashley

The drummer of the band Busco has gone forth and become a star in his own right, with his unique electropop sounds that set him apart from the multitudes of the Malaysian music scene.

Fikri Fadzil

Fikri has kept the perennial local music authority, The Wknd growing from strength to strength – from grappling with shoestring budgets to jumpstarting the musical careers of some of Malaysia’s brightest new talents.


After bursting into the Malaysian music scene in late 2011, Froya has since been making waves with her enigmatic and intriguing music.

James Ly

James is a champion of underground art, and took the initiative to set up a gallery dedicated to bringing up art that would be otherwise ignored by the masses.

Kuah Jenhan

Jenhan is part of the new wave of Malaysian comedy, and has proven to us that there's a lot of hard work and serious business that goes into being funny.


Normally, a burger joint opened by three guys with no culinary experience would be doomed to fail. But through hard work and innovation, these three guys have defied the odds.

Nini Ramlan

Nini has successfully embraced and exposed her passion for art, while still juggling commitments in her main role as a content developer for television.

Pastel Lite

They might be new to the Malaysian music scene, but this quirky eclectic electro duo’s sounds have scored them a following, with a bright future looming ahead.

Vincent Paul Yong

Being a fashion photographer isn't as glamorous as you’d think. Read how Vincent came from humble beginnings and worked hard to become one of Malaysia's top style snappers.

Dressed With Intent: Behind The Scenes

Take a look at the exclusive highlights behind our Dressed With Intent photoshoot with The Spacemen.

Dressed With Intent: Part One

What does being Dressed With Intent mean to our Go Forth pioneers, and how does it matter in what they do?

Dressed With Intent: Part Two

We continue to learn more about the lives behind our pioneers, and what makes them truly Go Forth.

The Spacemen

Dressed With Intent could not have been made possible without The Spacemen- a production house that's crossing boundaries with their amazing photography and videography works.

Among the highlights that The Spacemen have conceptualised and produced are OJ Law's music video for his song 'My Life As A Film'.

The Spacemen will also be serving as the official videographers and photographers for 2012's edition of Urbanscapes, Kuala Lumpur's premiere outdoor arts festival.

To find out more about them, visit

Who Are The Spacemen?

Chris Lim

Realist by day; pessimist by night. Hates (long) pants, loves (tailor-made) shirts.

Joshua Chay

Often inspired by Woody Allen. Not a hipster.