Darren Ashley


Darren Ashley has become Malaysia’s go-to guy if you’re looking for some eclectic beats. A master of electropop, Darren has risen from his time in Busco to become a star in his own right. The best part about it is that he does so with his tongue firmly in his cheek and dry wit, as you’ll see here.

Tell us a little bit about where you come from.
I am an original, Sirim-approved Malaysian! I grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak, and Thailand. I was blessed to have a variety of musical influences from everywhere.  I started off with playing the drums and guitar and was in a

band called Busco, but now I focus on composing and producing full tracks of my own. It’s good stuff!

What do you usually dress up for?
I dress up mostly for gigs and various events. I also do it if I have to impress someone special. Maybe someone like David Letterman?

How does dressing up play a part in what you do?
I guess what I wear represents what I'm all about, mostly. But usually I dress to make myself feel good.

What did you originally envision yourself to be doing before this?
Actually, I have always envisioned myself to do music!

Can you tell us more about that one moment in time that inspired you to pursue your passion?
I wouldn't say that there was an exact moment. I have had many milestones that have boosted my passion with the arts. Almost every show and interview has inspired me to continue making music for the people. Recently, I had a sweet show at the Rockaway Festival, with the crowd going wild. My parents were there, too! It was pretty inspiring. 

What were the difficulties that you faced when you first started out?
They were mostly problems with getting the stage performance and music balance right. It was, and still is, tough to keep consistency with each show musically.

What do you feel sets you apart from everyone else?
The music, hopefully! But really, I'm just your average bloke who loves making music passionately.

What's your proudest moment thus far?
Again, there have been many recently! Baybeats, Rockaway, and the Future Music Festival are on the top of the list. But one of the coolest moments was having Yuna Tweet my name. I get very excited about these things! 

What're your upcoming projects for the future?
There will be a new, kick-butt, whackin’, smackin’ song with Vandal and Juzzthin featured on it. I am also most definitely, surely, maybe going to put out

an album in the near future. Urbanscapes is coming soon, and so are the Shout Awards! So many exciting things!

What do you want the world to remember you for?
The sweet subliminal messages in these songs. And my silly hair, of course!  But also for making good music, and staying true in the process. 

Visit: twitter.com/dazzaashley | facebook.com/darrenashleymusic

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