Artist / Co-founder of Minut Init Studio Galleria

James Ly is an artist and co-founder of the Minut Init Studio Galleria, a space that’s dedicated to sharing and showcasing the work of underground artists. A champion of the freedom of artistic expression, James believes in sticking to his guns in telling the truth behind what he and his fellow artists see.

Tell us a little bit about where you come from.
I was born in Kuala Lumpur, in OUG to be exact. I’m something akin to a Malayan Bourgeois! I still live there, so it’s safe to say that it’s been a constant in my life, even though I’ve been living abroad for some time.

I always felt I brought something from home along with me to give me a magnet to my identity. Overseas Union Garden is what the acronym stands for and it

represents the migrant population inherited by this country. Malaysia’s way of life taught me about the beauty of life, and the beauty of simplicity it exudes really made an impact on how I see life.

What do you usually dress up for?
I dress to represent my inner essence. Dressing up has always been a mode of expression for me.

How does dressing up play a part in what you do?
I suppose that in my industry in the arts, dressing up contributes to portraying an image that can be highly regarded.

What did you originally envision yourself doing before this?
A professional footballer.

Can you tell us more about that one moment in time that inspired you to pursue your passion?
It was in a moment of reminiscing. I was in Scotland pursuing a Masters In Animation. I spent a lot of time alone during that phase, and that’s when I guess I found myself and just went back to basics. I went back to the root of my

interests and passions. Hence, I’m now merely manifesting that realisation.

What were the difficulties that you faced when you first started out?
I faced the fear of failure, and the constraints of time and health.

What do you feel sets you apart from everyone else?
I feel that I differ mostly in my ideas, my passion and my intensity.

What's your proudest moment thus far?
The overall success of all my projects! I look forward to more proud moments to come, so I won’t jinx them yet!

What're your upcoming projects for the future?
Our galleria is hosting an exhibition coming up in January. We are presenting Shahar Shaq Koyok . He represents the indigenous inheritance of our nation. We’re really excited that he decided to have his exhibition at our gallery. It was a perfect symbiosis of what was in our manifesto.

He represents the roots of our nation, and where our identity as a nation is. Maybe that’s where we should look into to find our true identity in this foliage of flora and fauna.

What do you want the world to remember you for?
I’d like to be remembered as a cultural icon, or just somebody that stayed true to their beliefs. Guidance!

Visit: minutspaceinit.blogspot.com | facebook.com/minut.init

The Spacemen

Dressed With Intent could not have been made possible without The Spacemen- a production house that's crossing boundaries with their amazing photography and videography works.

Among the highlights that The Spacemen have conceptualised and produced are OJ Law's music video for his song 'My Life As A Film'.

The Spacemen will also be serving as the official videographers and photographers for 2012's edition of Urbanscapes, Kuala Lumpur's premiere outdoor arts festival.

To find out more about them, visit the-spacemen.com

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