Eff and Faliq make up Pastel Lite, a heatseeking Malaysian electropop duo whose quirky, flavourful music also carries forward into their real-life personas. Imbued with a natural curiousity towards the things around them, it’s a sure bet that Pastel Lite are on the right track to Go Forth and conquer music.

Tell us a little bit about where you come from.
Well, Eff’s from Sabah, and Faliq’s hometown is in Johor. But as a band, we’re based in Kuala Lumpur.

What do you usually dress up for?
We really only dress up for our shows, mostly.

How does dressing up play a part in what you do?
Dressing up plays a small, but important role in helping us express ourselves further with our music. We feel that our music is minimal and eclectic in some sense, and somehow that translates well with the things we wear.

What did you originally envision yourself to be doing before this?
Eff wanted to pursue music journalism, and Faliq wanted to be a producer, if not a sound engineer!

Can you tell us more about that one moment in time that inspired you to pursue your passion?
It would have to be performing live for the first time in Ipoh. The people there were so supportive and sweet, and it was an amazing experience. They came to

see us even though we were basically newbies. Plus, Goodnight Electric performed too, and we got to open for them. It felt great to have that opportunity!

What were the difficulties that you faced when you first started out?
Getting used to performing live, meeting new people - we get shy sometimes! We’re also getting used to dealing with all the attention online and on social media!

What do you feel sets you apart from everyone else?
As a whole, we don’t think we’re that different. Perhaps our sound is quite distinct in a certain way and that’s what sets us apart.

What's your proudest moment thus far?
Performing at the Baybeats music festival in Singapore!

What're your upcoming projects for the future?
We’re planning on releasing an album next year.

What do you want the world to remember you for?
If anything, we want to be remembered for being creatively fearless or for being persistent.

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The Spacemen

Dressed With Intent could not have been made possible without The Spacemen- a production house that's crossing boundaries with their amazing photography and videography works.

Among the highlights that The Spacemen have conceptualised and produced are OJ Law's music video for his song 'My Life As A Film'.

The Spacemen will also be serving as the official videographers and photographers for 2012's edition of Urbanscapes, Kuala Lumpur's premiere outdoor arts festival.

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