1. The Urbanscapes Roundup!

    November 28, 2012

    There was a lot of love, a lot of colour, a lot of laughter and a lot of mud! Urbanscapes 2012 was HUGE, and we were proud to rock it out with Tongue In Chic at the Levi’s® x Tongue In Chic Hub!

    In case you missed the festival, here’s a look of what went down at the Hub over the weekend!


    The side of the Hub was adorned with two totally contrasting murals, done by James Ly (left), and Nini Marini (right).


    Our CrossStitch exhibit showcased pieces from local hotshot designers Andy Yap, Eddie Cheow, Julia Leong and Lorenzo Peh.


    We also showcased the work of our You’re Gonna Be Great competition finalists. This is a look at Syahrulfikri Razin Salleh (left) and Ching-Ching Ng’s (right) exhibits. Syahrulfikri won the Grand Prize of a RM 10,000 cash allocation, while Ching-Ching won the Runner’s Up RM 5,000 cash allocation.


    There were heaps of festival-essential freebies to claim for free, including a paper lounger to sit down on, water bottles, a mini fan, tote bags and t-shirts!


    Photos taken by our Go Forth Pioneer Didi Ramlan (@MisDeeds) also adorned the inside and outside of the Hub!


    The Hub also had a balcony area for folks to chill out and relax. We even had a booth to help customise Levi’s® tees and tote bags!


    The clear skies over the weekend really helped to make Urbanscapes better than ever!


    The Hub hosted the Finale of the You’re Gonna Be Great competition. Here, our finalists are listening to Joleyn Chin, Marketing Manager of Levi Strauss (M) Sdn. Bhd., right before the announcement of the final decision.


    Jolin Kwok (left), from #thankyouniverse, one of the You’re Gonna Be Great candidates, dropped by to say hello and showed us a very special Levi’s® x Urbanscapes journal cover she had designed! (Check out how crowded the Hub was inside!)



    Apart from showcasing great art and highlighting Go Forth dreams, the Hub also served as a shelter from the crazy weekend heat with it’s subzero-like air conditioning. Folks were able to top up on water refills for free, and also were able to recharge their mobile devices. We’re proud to have been able to lighten the burdens for all festival-goers!



  2. Meet The Finalists Of You’re Gonna Be Great!

    November 26, 2012

    The You’re Gonna Be Great contest found 50 individuals submitting their Go Forth dreams to us in the hopes of securing funding to make those dreams come true. The response was so overwhelming that we decided to add in an addition cash prize allocation of RM5,000 at the last minute. That’s how hard it was to choose between our winners!

    The Levi’s x Tongue In Chic Hub hosted the work of our finalists, and was also the venue of a special finale event where we announced who won the contest!

    Joleyn Chin, Marketing Manager of Levi Strauss (M) Sdn. Bhd., having a tete-a-tete with the finalists before announcing the winners.


    Syahrulfikri won the Grand Prize allocation of RM 10,000, with a dream that involves traveling across the globe in pursuit of art, as well as documenting his love of Malaysian art and sharing it to the world. He’s quitting his job and hitting the road to Go Forth, and we wish him the very best of luck.


    Ching-Ching Ng won a  RM 5,000 allocation that will see her dream of turning her handmade accessory business, L.A.R.K. (Life’s A Real Kaleidoscope), in her own words, a ‘giant unstoppable monster’! Ching-Ching hand-makes ALL of L.AR.K.’s accessories herself, and takes extra care in ensuring that all her work is perfect every time.


    RM 2,000 allocations were given out to our other You’re Gonna Be Great finalists, including:

    Michael Chen

    Michael is deeply rooted in the local performing arts scene, and plans to kick off his WAMM Box initiative to share homemade Malaysian content, from videos and even comics, to the masses.


    Nurul Khairunie

    Nurul is fantastic at producing portraiture photography, and we’re sure that we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the future. Check out what the Kota Kinabalu lass can do with these stunning shots!


    Rizki Maulana

    Here’s one example of the awesome stuff that Rizki snaps through the nooks and crannies of Kuala Lumpur.


    We’re proud to be able to support Rizki and his dream of exhibiting monochromatic street photography the old-school way. Rizki hopes to be able to capture all of Kuala Lumpur in black & white glory!


    Sulyn Ooi

    Sulyn has thrown caution to the wind and quit her job as a music teacher to focus on becoming a full-time musician. Her allocation will contribute towards launching her debut album and launch event, with proceeds going to charity.


    Uzair Sawal

    Uzair is a Malaysian documentarian/filmaker who has a dream of capturing the lives of the native Orang Ulu of Sarawak, before the tribe is lost from memory forever.


    These finalists embody the pioneering spirit, and aren’t afraid to challenge themselves to leave their mark on the world. We hope that they’ve inspired you as much as they’ve inspired us.

    Go Forth!


  3. Help Light Up A Bright Idea At Urbanscapes!

    November 22, 2012

    We’re proud to be able to lend a hand to Bombshelter Studios and Epic Homes for their art installation, ‘A Bright Idea’!

    Standing at 14′ tall, and made out of around 3,000 lightbulbs, the installation will be devoid of any lightbulbs in the beginning. But with each lightbulb you pop in, we’re hoping that we can light up the evening Urbanscapes sky once we hit the switch!

    Each lightbulb costs RM 5, and proceeds from the lightbulbs will go directly to Epic Homes’ efforts to create sustainable housing for indigenous Malaysians in need!

    So swing by ‘A Bright Idea’, pop in a bulb or two, and stick around to watch it light up the night sky. It’s for a great cause, and you’ll be helping to make a difference!

  4. Get Spotted For Being Dressed With Intent At Urbanscapes!

    November 21, 2012

    (Image taken from Tongue In Chic)


    Tongue In Chic will be prowling around Urbanscapes, looking for people who’re bringing their festival fashion A-game! How would you know if you’ve been spotted? It’s relatively simple: look out for their Style Scouts who’ll be riding ATVs all around the Astaka Field!

    The Style Scouts will be on the move every half hour, and those who’re spotted and shot will have their shots displayed at the TIC Style Snap gallery found in the Levi’s® x Tongue In Chic Hub.

    The best part is, those who visit the Hub and identify themselves at the Gallery will also automatically enter our Dressed With Intent competition and stand the chance to win weekly prizes!

    It does pay to look good, especially when you’re out and about at Urbanscapes. With just a few days to go before the festival, have you planned on how you’re going to rock it out in your Red Tabs?



  5. Take Away One Of Our Festival Freebies!

    We’ve already told you about the Levi’s® x Tongue In Chic Hub, which is your home away from home at Urbanscapes. You can enjoy water, chill out in air conditioning and even recharge your gadgets in it. We’re also giving away freebies to make your life at the festival easier!


    Upon visiting the Hub, you’ll get a RM 50 Levi’s® voucher, as well as one of these freebies!

    Thinking of relaxing on the grass? Lie down in comfort with our Paper Lounger! If you’re worried about the heat, you can stay cool with a Mini Hand Fan. We also encourage you to stock up on your essential fluids with our Water Containers — we want to leave a minimum impact on the Astaka Field, AND on the environment. You might also walk away with our Tote Bag: it’s reusable, and a better choice than plastic bags to carry your festival shopping!

    So don’t forget to swing by the Hub at Urbanscapes, chill out with us and take away a festival-friendly freebie! Follow us on Twitter (@LevisMY) at Urbanscapes to find out when you can grab one!

  6. Help Create A Work Of Art With Nini And James!

    November 14, 2012

    Nini Ramlan and James Ly are artists with a knack for creating great visuals on a variety of canvasses, and we’re proud to be hosting both of them at the Levi’s® x Tongue In Chic Hub. They’ll be busy bringing some flair to two empty canvasses, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for everyone.

    The best part about it? You can help them out by adding some creative streaks of your own. That’s right — in the true spirit of collaboration and art, Nini and James want you to  leave your mark on the murals and be forever immortalised.


    Nini is no stranger to the Go Forth canvas. She played a major role in our Go Forth campaign at Pavilion last year with a mural of her own, and  let total strangers help her out!

    Here’s a quick look how her mural from last year came to be:

    (All pictures were taken from Nini’s blogpost detailing the full development of the mural.)


    We’re equally excited about what James will bring. Although he’s a newbie to our Go Forth canvas, he brings about a gritty, striking balance to Nini’s vibrant colours. As a co-founder of the Minut Init Galeria, James has a heart for underground art, and carries a bold, urban style.


    It’s not everyday that an artist lets you help out on a masterpiece, let alone two artists! But Nini and James understand about the fun, collaborative side of art, would love it if you came on down and helped out. It’d be a great chance to Go Forth and set your creative streak free!

  7. Enter: The Spacemen

    November 10, 2012

    We hope that you’ve been enjoying our Dressed With Intent lookbook! It features Nini Ramlan, Vincent Paul Yong, Kuah Jenhan, Darren Ashley, Ami Schaheera, Fikri Fadzil, Froya, Pastel Lite, myBurgerLab and James Ly like you’ve never seen them before.


    The Spacemen, made up of the duo of Joshua Chay and Chris Lim, were responsible for the photography and videography for Dressed With Intent.  Photography was done by Joshua, while Chris was assisted by Larry Chew and Jeremy Teo in producing their Dressed With Intent videos.

    Joshua Chay

    Chris Lim

    Another one of their stellar highlights is this incredibly awesome video for OJ Law’s song, ‘My Life As A Film’!

    You’ll be able to catch The Spacemen hard at work as the official videographers for Urbanscapes this year.


    We’d like to give a big shoutout and massive THANK YOU to the boys — none of Dressed With Intent would’ve been possible without their help!

  8. We’re Supporting The Local Fashion Design Scene At Urbanscapes!

    November 7, 2012

    Urbanscapes is a great showcase for the arts in all its forms: performing arts, international and Malaysian music, and visual arts. Apart from sharing the Go Forth spirit by showcasing our finalists for You’re Gonna Be Great, we’re also going to be presenting the work of four up-and-coming Malaysian fashion designers at our CrossStitch exhibition in our Levi’s® x Tongue In Chic Hub.


    Andy Yap 

    Andy Yap is behind the Andy Bandy label. Crowned with the Emerging Designer award at the 2009 Mercedes-Benz Stylo Awards, Andy’s ready to take on the dog-eat-dog world of fashion with his avant-garde threads.

    Learn more about him in this Tongue In Chic Q&A!


    Eddie Cheow

    Eddie Cheow loves to imbue different influences on his designs, ranging from photography, architecture and art. In 2008, he was 2nd-runner up in MODA’s Malaysia Young Designer Competition, and was invited to design for Isetan’s in-house label, Cultivation.

    In addition to making waves in 2011, Eddie also dabbled in creating a winning design for a Samsung and MODA-endorsed Galaxy SIII Flip Cover competition.


    Julia Leong

    With a slew of fashion showcases under her belt, including producing the winning design for Samsung and MODA for their Slip Cover Case, a show in China this year, the MODA Young Designers Showcase in 2010 and Victim Ala Mode and Style Wars in 2009, Julia’s portfolio and stature in Malaysian fashion is definitely on the rise.


    Lorenzo Peh

    Lorenzo was a finalist for Moda Young Designers competition 2010, Malaysian Footwear Competition 2010 and 2011, as well as I-Style KLIA 2010. Impressively, he won the BDA Young Designers Competition during MIFA in 2010, and was crowned 1st runner-up for the STYLO Emerging Designers competition in 2010, and eventually won the grand prize in the same competition in 2011.


    Don’t forget to catch them in our CrossStitch exhibition at our Levi’s® x Tongue In Chic Hub!

  9. The Levi’s® Dressed With Intent Lookbook Is Live!

    Our Dressed With Intent Lookbook is live! ALL our Go Forth Pioneers were shot by Joshua Chay of The Spacemen. The Spacemen will also be unveiling some awesome videos that they took of our Pioneers soon, as well. But for now, here’s a peek at what you can see from the Lookbook itself.

    Click on each Pioneer’s name to visit their full profile. Be sure to check out ALL of their inspiring stories!


    Ami Schaheera:


    Darren Ashley:


    Fikri Fadzil:




    James Ly:


    Kuah Jenhan:




    Nini Ramlan:


    Pastel Lite:


    And Vincent Paul Yong:


    We hope that you enjoy our pictorials as much as we did making them.

    Go Forth!

  10. Dressed With Intent: Day 3 – Vincent Paul Yong, Kuah Jenhan, Nini Ramlan & Froya

    November 5, 2012

    Day 3 of shooting for DRESSED WITH INTENT brought a lot of surprises to fashion photographer Vincent Paul Yong - it was a case of role reversal, as it was his turn to be shot by Joshua Chay of The Spacemen! Comedian Kuah Jenhan managed to convince us to snap him…on his roof. Fortunately, we came back down to earth and hung out with artist Nini Ramlan at her studio. The last hours of the day were spent with pop chanteuse Froya, using Thean Hou Temple as a backdrop.

    Take a peek at what went on behind the scenes below! We can’t wait to reveal the full shots in our DRESSED WITH INTENT lookbook.

    Stay tuned!

    He might be more used to being behind the camera, but Vincent steals the show when he’s in front of it, too.


    We were digging Vincent’s collection of jackets, especially this vintage Levi’s® beauty.


    Vincent’s office is an absolute treasure trove of memorabilia that Joshua Chay and Larry Chew were in awe of.


    It’s no funny business as Jenhan mans up for his close-up.


    We couldn’t get enough of Jenhan’s room. It was full of awesome things, like…


    …his Polaroid wall of memories!


    You gotta believe it: Jenhan gave a stand up performance from his ROOF, just for us!


    We captured Nini prepping up to kick off her day!


    Just one of the gorgeous shots that Joshua took. There’re just too many brilliant ones to shortlist!


    Nini’s art is vibrant and full of life…just like her!


    Does anyone want to make a guess at what Froya’s writing?


    Thean Hou Temple served as an awesome backdrop for Froya’s shoot.


    Froya, striking a pose against the KL skyline!