Help Create A Work Of Art With Nini And James!

November 14, 2012

Nini Ramlan and James Ly are artists with a knack for creating great visuals on a variety of canvasses, and we’re proud to be hosting both of them at the Levi’s® x Tongue In Chic Hub. They’ll be busy bringing some flair to two empty canvasses, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for everyone.

The best part about it? You can help them out by adding some creative streaks of your own. That’s right — in the true spirit of collaboration and art, Nini and James want you to  leave your mark on the murals and be forever immortalised.


Nini is no stranger to the Go Forth canvas. She played a major role in our Go Forth campaign at Pavilion last year with a mural of her own, and  let total strangers help her out!

Here’s a quick look how her mural from last year came to be:

(All pictures were taken from Nini’s blogpost detailing the full development of the mural.)


We’re equally excited about what James will bring. Although he’s a newbie to our Go Forth canvas, he brings about a gritty, striking balance to Nini’s vibrant colours. As a co-founder of the Minut Init Galeria, James has a heart for underground art, and carries a bold, urban style.


It’s not everyday that an artist lets you help out on a masterpiece, let alone two artists! But Nini and James understand about the fun, collaborative side of art, would love it if you came on down and helped out. It’d be a great chance to Go Forth and set your creative streak free!