1. Meet The Judges Behind “You’re Gonna Be Great”

    November 4, 2012

    Have you submitted your entry for You’re Gonna Be Great yet? Don’t forget – we’re giving away up to RM20,000 to promising individuals with big dreams that need a bit of funding.

    The fate of your submissions for You’re Gonna Be Great rests in the hands of these four individuals: Loo Jia-Wei, Vincent Paul Yong, Nini Ramlan and Didi Ramlan, individuals who have risen to the challenge to Go Forth and driven themselves to be at the top of their game.

    Let’s meet them!


    Loo Jia-Wei

    Jia-Wei is the CEO and Editor-In-Chief of Tongue In Chic, Malaysia’s definitive fashion and style authority. Jia-Wei has seen fads come and go, and knows a long-term winner when she sees one.

    Jia-Wei has also overseen the series of video collaborations between Tongue In Chic and the Levi’s® brand (coincidentally, filmed by Joshua Chay of The Spacemen who we’re collaborating with for Dressed With Intent).



    Vincent Paul Yong

    Vincent Paul Yong is a celebrated fashion photographer who has covered countless fashion labels, including the Levi’s® brand.

    Earlier in 2012, Vincent produced this innovative Levi’s® Spring/Summmer 2012 Lookbook that used stop-motion photography featuring DJs Davern Koh and Jee Hoe.




    Nini Ramlan

    Some may consider Nini Ramlan to be a designer, but to those with a keener eye, she’s an artist at heart. There’s no canvas that escapes her creativity, be it from traditional art styles to her recent forays in jewelry and fashion design.

    In 2011, Nini helped the Levi’s® brand kick off its inaugural Go Forth campaign at Pavilion by initiating a collaborative art mural project.


    Almost sidelined by rain, Nini Ramlan and her passionate group of collaborators created this truly awe-inspiring GO FORTH mural painting (photo from ninimarini.tumblr.com)


    Didi Ramlan

    Didi is a photographer. Didi is a talent manager. Didi is an adventurer. Didi Ramlan is a master of anything she touches and sets her mind to! And that is a true sign of a Go Forth pioneer.

    Didi is also one of our Levi’s Curve ID Girls for 2012, and was featured in our apparel earlier this year in her own Levi’s® special for Hanger Magazine:


  2. Party With Us At Urbanscapes!

    November 3, 2012

    Urbanscapes is Kuala Lumpur’s ultimate outdoor arts festival, where the arts and the masses collide to give everybody a weekend full of great vibes! Now in its 10th year, this year’s iteration promises to be the BIGGEST yet, taking place in Padang Astaka in Petaling Jaya, Selangor on the 24 – 25 November!

    How BIG is it going to be? There’s a wide range of International acts coming down to suit all tastes, including Iceland’s very own Sigur Ros!  Not to be outdone are Malaysia’s hottest acts, including Yuna, Darren Ashley, Froya, Pastel Lite and OJ Law!

    Those who’re into the performing arts can also catch performances from SHELAH!, Projek Disko Baldi and AI:IA, amongst others.

    For an awesome aesthetic, parts of Urbanscapes will also be designed by Ernest Zacheraevic, KARYA, Monsoon Art+ x SenselessArt and Kontak! x themancalleduncle.

    If you’re also in the mood for splurging on some festival goodies, there’ll be vendors showcasing their clothing, accessories & art, and of course, food!


    Check out the awesome Urbanscapes commercial (featuring music from Darren Ashley) to get a better idea of what to expect at the festival!



    Note: this is just an artist’s impression. The Hub is still very much a work in progress!

    The Levi’s® brand will also be making a BIG splash at Urbanscapes  with Tongue In Chic to bring you the Levi’s® x Tongue In Chic Hub.

    The Hub will be your home away from home at KL’s ultimate outdoor arts festival. You’ll get to peek at the latest Levi’s® apparel, enjoy water and even chill out in air conditioning. For those on the move, you can swing by the Hub and recharge your devices to prep you up for another round of Urbanscapes picture-taking!

    We’ll also be giving away items to help ease you through the festival weekend. Find out more about the freebies here!


    The work of our You’re Gonna Be Great finalists will also be showcased, with the finale event taking place on Sunday, 25th November at 5:01 p.m. Support your favourite finalists, and find out who’s walking away with the grand prize to see their dreams come true!

    Find out who wins You’re Gonna Be Great!


    (Image taken from Tongue In Chic)

    Folks, you’ll also get spotted for looking your best for the fest. Find out more about how looking good for Urbanscapes can get you some nifty prizes!


    Artists Nini Ramlan and the Minut Init Galeria will also be painting art murals of their own that you’ll be able to take part in!

    Help Nini Ramlan out with her mural at Urbanscapes!

    This is James Ly. You can help him and his Minut Init team take his art from the streets to the Urbanscapes canvas!


    Four Malaysian designers will also be presented at our CrossStitch zone. Don’t forget to check out what Andy Yap, Eddie Cheow, Julia Leong and Lorenzo Peh have in store for y’all!

    Make sure that you pop by the  Levi’s® x Tongue In Chic Hub — we’ll be keeping you updated with the latest on what the Levi’s® brand will be bringing to Urbanscapes!


    Here’s the handy Festival Map, folks! Spot us at The Lab area!

  3. The Levi’s® Urbanscapes Giveaway!

    November 1, 2012

    Urbanscapes is Kuala Lumpur’s ultimate outdoor arts festival, happening on the 24 – 25 november, which serves as a showcase for the local art scene. There’ll be a lot of great vibes this year and fantastic performances, including gigs from internationally-acclaimed Sigur Ros and Malaysia’s very own Yuna!

    We’ll also be making an appearance at this year’s installment in a BIG way, with our Levi’s® x Tongue In Chic Hub. But we won’t let the cat out of the bag just yet!

    We want you to party with us at Urbanscapes, and we’ll be giving away tickets on our Facebook and Twitter channels, as well as right here on our blog.

    We’ll be updating this page with even MORE Urbanscapes Giveaway dates over the next few weeks, so make sure you come back. Have fun and good luck, guys!


    Keep your eyes peeled for our Urbanscapes giveaways on these following dates! (Updated on November 7th).

    (CLOSED) November 1st:  The fastest 10 correct answers win!

    We’ve got 10 pairs of Urbanscapes tickets to give away if you can fill in the blank. The first 10 quickest correct answers win! Get the clues at our Go Forth site and mail us the answer at myenquiry@levi.com, with the subject title ‘Levi’s x Urbanscapes 2012′.


    (CLOSED) November 2nd:  - Submit your looks by 5pm!

    Twitpic yourself in your fave Levi’s threads. 10 pairs of Urbanscapes tickets will be given to the 10 most kick-ass looks!  Tag your look with #LevisU12!


    (CLOSED) November 6th: Every 5th person who RTs with the correct answer wins a pair of Urbanscapes passes!

    #LevisU12 – “You’re Gonna ____”. Every 5th to RT with correct answer gets two @Urbanscapes tix! Clues: bit.ly/LevisYGBG



    (CLOSED) November 7th: First 5 to correctly Tweet their answer get a pair of passes each!

    #LevisU12 - First 5 to tell who the 4 judges are of “You’re Gonna Be Great” gets a pair of @Urbanscapes tix! bit.ly/YGBGJudges



    (CLOSED) November 8th: First 5 to correctly Tweet their answer get a pair of passes each!

    Don’t forget - we only have five pairs of passes to give away! More than one entry is allowed, but winners only win once…don’t be greedy! Good luck and have fun, guys!


    (CLOSED) November 8th: Find a certain special someone at a specific place! You gotta be there with them and Twitpic yourself! Track ‘em down. First 5 win!

    Twitpic yourself with our one of our favourite #GoForth pioneers in the heart of KL. You gotta track her down! Are you up for it?

    Don’t forget to tag your picture with #LevisU12! Only five pairs of passes to give away for this challenge, too! Winners will be notified at a later time.


    (CLOSED) November 9th: The first 5 to correctly Tweet their answer get a pair of passes each!

    Something’s been left out, and you have to tell us what it is!


    November 12th: Find MisDeeds at a special place from 12.30pm to 1.30pm!

    Only five pairs of passes to give away for this challengeMisDeeds is going to be in the heart of KL again. The first five who take a picture with her win a pair of Urbanscapes passes each! Make sure to tag your photos with #LevisU12!



    November 14th: The FINAL giveaway! The first 4 to correctly Tweet their answer get a pair of passes each!

    We’re giving away a MASSIVE 8 pairs of passes to the 8 fastest people who can tell us the correct answer.

    Please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions here!


    Terms & Conditions

    • You need to be either a Fan or Follower of ours on Facebook and Twitter (follow us NOW — it’s really easy!)
    • We’ll be notifying our winners via e-mail or through Twitter for your full contact details
    • If we can’t reach you over these channels, your tickets will be given to the next available winner
    • Winners will have to collect their tickets from Levi’s® Malaysia’s headquarters if they’re from the Klang Valley area
    • If someone else is collecting your tickets on your behalf, please get them to bring along a printout of their winner’s notification
    • You can only win a pair of Urbanscapes passes once
    • We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice

  4. Dressed With Intent: Day 2 – Fikri Fadzil, Ami Schaheera, James Ly & myBurgerLab

    The second day of shooting for our DRESSED WITH INTENT project with The Spacemen found us scrambling across Kuala Lumpur to capture more of our Go Forth pioneers in their element.

    On our list for the day were Fikri Fadzil, founder of The Wknd music portal, Ami Schaheera, renowned fashion blogger, James Ly, co-founder of the Minut Init Galeria and the founders of the myBurgerLab restaurant.

    We paired up Fikri Fadzil with his favourite things – cameras!

    We also had the privilege of catching Fikri using his prized Super 8 camera.

    A tug of the sleeve is all he needs. Fikri’s all about style.

    All eyes and lenses were trained on Ami in downtown KL.

    Ami brought along her suitcase full of accessories, just for our shoot!

    Ami’s pink clutch and colourful wedges to capture the senses.

    We moved on to James Ly’s Minut Init Galeria to capture an artist at work.

    There’s no palette too big to Go Forth with.

    James Ly, proving that you can take your art anywhere with you.

    Wee Kiat, Renyi and Chang Ming of myBurgerLab huddle up for a pose.

    There’s a lot of love for myBurgerLab, if their Polaroid wall is anything to go by!

    The best way to cap off a grueling day of shooting? By tucking in to some awesome burgers.

  5. We’re Giving Away Up To RM20,000 To See Your Dreams Come True

    October 30, 2012

    The You’re Gonna Be Great campaign has officially begun.

    Do you have a dream that’s worthy of being shared with the world? We’re going to help you by giving up to RM20,000 to start you off.

    Whether it’s showcasing your art to galleries, recording your perfect album or writing the greatest novel of all time, if you’ve got what it takes to be great, we’ll back you up.

    So what’re you waiting for?

    Go Forth and take the first step towards your future here.

  6. Dressed With Intent: Day 1 – Darren Ashley & Pastel Lite

    October 29, 2012

    DRESSED WITH INTENT is a project we’ve been working on which showcases our selection of talented, pioneering Malaysian individuals who have raised their game in their respective fields of interest. These are pioneers who we feel encapsulate the spirit of Go Forth in their journey to becoming who they are today.

    We’re working in collaboration with photography and videography stalwarts, The Spacemen - Joshua Chay, Chris Lim and team. Stay tuned for a lookbook of our Dressed With Intent personalities, with stunning photography courtesy of The Spacemen.

    For now, here’s a look at the first day of our shoot at the Kepong Metropolitan Park in Kuala Lumpur, where we got to hang out with singer-songwriter, Darren Ashley and electro-pop duo, Pastel Lite.

    Darren Ashley is getting pumped up in make-up, while Eff of Pastel Lite looks on.

    Joshua Chay setting up Darren Ashley and his sound equipment by the park’s jetty.

    Why’s Joshua Chay aiming for the sky? And where’s Darren? You’re just going to have to find out.

    Pastel Lite braved the mud and grass to get some great shots.

    Deadpan, but delirious? Pastel Lite shows us how it’s done.

    Why so serious? It’s all laughs for Pastel Lite by the lake!

    Darren Ashley, showing some love for his band!



  7. 5 Things We’ve Got In Store For You In The Coming Weeks

    October 14, 2012

    It’s going to be an exciting next few weeks. We’re gonna take the message of Go Forth to a new level this year, and give you the opportunity to make a mark in this world.


    We’re proud to show you our Digital Lookbook, filled with the latest Levi’s® threads that have been styled with the message of Go Forth in mind. Kicking off with our 2012 Fall/Winter Collection, the Lookbook serves as a great starting point on what to expect from the Levi’s® brand.


    You’re Gonna Be Great is a call-out to all Malaysians who’ve got big dreams, but without the means of making it come true. If we think your commitment to your dream is convincing enough, we’ve got upwards of RM20,000 set aside to help you make those dreams a reality.


    Dressed With Intent will showcase up-and-coming Malaysians who personify the Go Forth spirit. You’ll get to know them better, from what makes them tick to what their next big step in life is.


    We’re also proud to announce that for the first time, the Levi’s® brand will be making an appearance at Urbanscapes 2012. It’ll be bold, brash and brilliant for everyone who’s attending Kuala Lumpur’s ultimate arts festival.


    In addition to all of that, expect FREEBIES to come your way as well. We won’t spill the beans on the details just yet, but apart from Levi’s® Vouchers to give away, let’s just say we wanna bring a whole bunch of you guys along to Urbanscapes with us!

    Stay tuned for more updates, folks!

  8. You’re Gonna Be Great

    October 13, 2012

    Do you have a passion that you feel strongly about? Do you have a unique dream that needs some support to come true? Do you think you’ve got what it takes to Go Forth?

    If you’ve said ‘yes’ to all three questions, then we believe that you’ve got the potential to be great. And because greatness is a few short steps away from potential, show us what you’ve got because we want to help you on your way to making your mark on the world.

    In the weeks to come, Levi’s® Brand will be launching YOU’RE GONNA BE GREAT – a celebration of talented, creative and pioneering Malaysians who represent the spirit of Go Forth.

    • Perhaps you’re a bedroom musician, struggling to pool together the funds to record your breakthrough EP.
    • Perhaps you’re a talented filmmaker hoping to scrounge up enough budget to pay your crew and talents to make your short film.
    • Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur, hopelessly trying in vain to secure sponsorship for a brilliant business venture.
    • Perhaps you’re just an everyday Joe, with a helluva marriage proposal idea you wanna pull off for that special someone in your life.

    Tell us how you want to Go Forth. On our end, we’re setting aside upwards of RM20,000 in cash, to help you see your dreams come true.

    Stay tuned for more details.

  9. Go Forth – What Does It Mean?

    Go Forth – two words that compel us to grab every opportunity. Two words that give our lives purpose. Two words that encourage us to leave our mark on the world. It’s a cry to get people moving. Although times are hard, there’s no stopping us from making the most out of our lives.

    Levi’s® jeans have been a uniform of progress throughout all the times that people have decided to Go Forth. From the early prospectors for whom the jeans were made for, to the times of social change during the age of Flower Power, and now, when the world is connected like never before.

    It isn’t just about looking your best. It’s about being your best, and never being satisfied; always aiming for more.

    Always believe in yourself. You have the power to be great. You’re going to be great.

    Now, Go Forth.