We’re all made for bigger things. It’s the journey that we take to the top that matters the most. What do you really want to do with your life? Write the next great novel? Record music that moves people? Make your neighbourhood a better place?

Whatever it is you want to do it, show us how you want to make your mark in the world, and what you’d do to achieve it. You could walk away with a portion of the RM20,000 we're giving away to those with the desire to Go Forth!

Submissions are now closed! Thank you for the excellent and inspiring entries. We will no doubt have a tough time selecting a winner. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye out for our winner’s announcement at the end of November.



The project will consist of two documentaries - Part 1: Ipoh Metal City and Part 2: ROCK KAPAK - A Malaysia Heavy Metal Phenomena. These documentaries will cover all aspects of the culture that once ruled Malaysia in the 80s and still have its impact until now.

This project will be directed by me and with the help of Theseplay video production, winner for MUFORS Road Reels: Short Film Competition for Students of Institutions of Higher Learning.


About Me

I am a huge heavy metal fan and love movies especially documentaries as it is a form of media that will open us to the world of knowledge and understanding of the events or phenomena around the world.

Sam Dunn from Bangers Production, is the director of two great heavy metal documentaries called Metal : A Headbangers' Journey and Global Metal. To my surprise, the documentary did not cover the metal scene in Malaysia although it cover the neighboring countries such as Indonesia.

Hence, as a Malaysian who admires Heavy Metal phenomena in Malaysia, starting from its explosive impact on the society in the 80s until now, i wanted to do heavy metal documentaries that will cover all there is to know about heavy metal phenomena in Malaysia, My country.

With this documentary, i hope that it can put Malaysia in the Heavy Metal World Map!

How I Plan To Go Forth

The fund will help me in promoting the heavy metal culture in Malaysia, the country itself, and i will gain a lot of experience in producing the documentary. There are no bodies or individuals that had done this in Malaysia or other neighboring countries, thus this is a great opportunity to inspired them too to share their culture and open them to the world.

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Charlie V

My project is fashion based. A lot of people settle for mass production apparels. I want people to rediscover handmade items, tailored dresses, and custom made shoes. I want people to feel luxurious in their purchases. I want people to wear their clutches and dresses and feel the luxurious fabrics and know that a group of people put actual human labour creating their items, with passion and love.


About Me

My passion is in drawing and crafting, where I create my own happy world. Therefore, I design dresses and paint shoes. I want every woman to own beautiful dresses and accessories that can paint their world as they want it. Instead of mass production, I want them to indulge in handmade, custom, exclusive items. I want them to feel special and create their own happy world.

How I Plan To Go Forth

The first thing I am going to do is to register my company, and buy domain-name as Charlie V is an online-based business.The next thing is to employ a small group of people to get the business going (I am the only person now, with voluntary help from several friends.). Most importantly, I need to rent a studio where we can do our work..instead of my bedroom..

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thankyou. is not just some quirky title or common catchphrase. thankyou. is about gratitude, and how the mere act of giving thanks and feeling thankful can make your wildest dreams come true.

This project is to kickstart my business as a visionary, holistic artist. I mainly produce a variety of watercolour artwork, particularly hand-painted journal covers for ‘Gratitude Logs’. I also give tarot card-readings and astrology chart-readings to help people.

Find out more in facebook.com/thankyouniverse :)

Jolin Kwok

About Me

I'm someone who always thought she was going to do great things for humanity. Now I am making it happen through my magical, visionary artwork and intuitive readings of tarot and astrology.

I mainly help people with my great sense of empathy and kindness.

How I Plan To Go Forth

I have a lot of short-term and long-term goals. The following is a general financial plan to be executed upon receiving the grand prize money:-

Within 1 month:
1. I will start and maintain my business online (via Facebook Page, Etsy, Official Website/Weblog) and in art fairs (ArtforGrabs, Pipit Zakar, and other bazaars). The money will be used for online transaction costs, booth rental fees, as well as the creation of my brand logo.
2. I will invest in quality art material. Anyone who does serious artwork would know that the production cost can be high. I believe in producing quality AND quantity, so I would invest in bulk orders of high quality art products (watercolour paint, watercolour canvas, blank journals, package wrappers, etc) to make even better quality items for my clients.
3. I will invest in a good webmaster and other necessary people for administrative purposes so that I can focus on creating more quality artwork.

Within 6 months:
1. I will rent a space in Publika Square or Jaya One as my workspace and exhibition space. The private space is necessary for both my work and my clients’ privacy. I also intend to showcase works of other local and global artists that express their sense of gratitude and appreciation for life.

After 6 months and beyond:
1. As I have chosen Publika Square as my new work location, I would like to move from Puchong to somewhere nearer too. This would make my services more easily accessible for the public. Moreover, due to financial constraints, I currently live in my parents’ home. My parents have been very kind and supportive to host me and I would like to relieve them of the financial cost. So I intend to invest in a loft of some sort where I can live and work at comfortably.
2. Gradually, I will move on to create my own center of holistic arts and having partnerships with various people of the creative and performing arts, both local and international, in creating more beautiful things and events that would encourage people from all walks of life to fully engage with their artistic and poetic nature, their appreciation for life. I will produce performance pieces and other innovative works that would revolve around the theme of gratitude and appreciation. This is why I named my brand or company "thankyou." in the first place.
3. To prove that I am really serious about this expansion, I am already discussing plans with a good friend of mine to create a fashion label division under thankyou. We intend to sell stylish items of recycled materials, “motivational-cookie” style. Hopefully this will encourage people to appreciate used products, or things that they already have.

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The Perfect Answer

A project of hope, a debut album for harmonic indie rock band, Mustard. The album consist of 10 songs which the recording process will take from 10 different recording studios and also 10 different sound engineers/producers. The album will mixed by a local producer and will be mastered at Abbey Road Studio, United Kingdom.

Faizal Amman

About Me

My name is aMMan, vocal, guitarist and songwriter for "superUNKNOWN" indie rock band Mustard. I have a deep core passion in songwriting since my school days..that's 14 years old... and the next two years in 1998, I've created Mustard!
I was like a song-generator that time where I made more than 50 songs under Mustard\'s library. We jam and play small gigs...but after a while, we stop to pursue our formal career. I stop writing since that moment, but the music never stop my passion to "restart" the band. After a long hiatus sleep of 7 years, we decided for a comeback in 2008...the era of blossoms for indie acts in Malaysia. Our demo received good response from MySpace and the band achieved as finalist in few battle competition. Followed by a single from the band's debut EP that remarkably on radio airplay for XFM and Suria FM, set as the greatest leap for the band's career. The scene was very competitive, and Mustard failed again to get the spotlight. And here we are again, from the 2nd hiatus awake, more focus in direction, will never give up and believe our material have its own price on the market...that's "HARMONIC INDIE ROCK"!

How I Plan To Go Forth

The winning funds will entirely covers recording fees and marketing campaign that exclusively focus on social media. The band will observe the best strategies to approach target audience, from flyers to launch party and even to interactive Facebook apps. A portion for social responsibility is a must, any purchase from online or store will donate 10% from the retail price to selected charity organization.

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Everyone has a dream, and we want to help make yours come true! What's your dream? And how badly do you want it?

If you've got what it takes, you'll be rewarded for your spirit to Go Forth.

It's up to you to write your next chapter in life.

• Grand Prize - RM 10,000
• Runners Up (x5) - RM 2,000 each
• Each winner will receive two (2) complimentary passes to Urbanscapes 2012

Each winner will also have their works showcased at the You're Gonna Be Great Gallery at the Levi's® x Tongue in Chic Hub at Urbanscapes 2012!

Read the full Terms & Conditions here.



CEO & Editor-In-Chief
Tongue In Chic

As the head of Tongue In Chic, the authoritative Malaysian fashion portal, Loo Jia-Wei has seen fads and fashions rise and fall.

Armed with a knack for identifying trends before they become trends, Jia-Wei knows whether or not your dream is just a flash-in-a-pan, or a long-run winner.


Photographer, Creative Director and Founder of Studio Verve

With a portfolio that ranges from fashion and commercial shoots, to editorials and ground-breaking videography, Vincent Paul Yong has risen up to become one of Malaysia's most celebrated photographers.

Vincent's keen eye is always on the look out for new ways to express and expose fashion at its finest.


Broadcasting Content Creator, Painter, Visual Artist

Nini Ramlan's love of dynamic flair has made her a mainstay in the Malaysian art scene. It doesn't just stop there: she's also a champion of promoting art amongst the masses, by regularly initiating projects with a more collaborative flavour.

Her ability to create striking pieces of art has also beyond the canvas, with her forays into designing fashion and accessories as well.


Talent Manager, Photographer, Connector

Although best known as a talent manager and connector of people, Didi is also an avid photographer who has graced exhibition halls.

She has the insight to know a good thing when she sees it. Never one to back down on any challenge, Didi is a stirring example of what it means to Go Forth.



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