Levi's Hear Me Out!

Levi's Hear Me Out will be a campaign that will be roaring among the youngsters. It will be a boosting platform for the to showcase their creative talents, creativity and their unique personality. Everybody is different, and everyone should be given a chance!


About Me

I believe that I do things that I feel its right, I will not let anyone change my mind until I achieve it, regardless it is beyond my reach. I got to say, I'm a positive thinker, I'm not perfect but I try to stay as positive as I can because its all in our mind! We really can achieve what we want, because the universe is infinity, and thus so are our dreams and desire. I believe that with great support and God, we mould our own dreams!

How I Plan To Go Forth

I was a child who was really shy, who could not look up to anyone in the eye. I had no proper guidance and people kept critisizing me regardless of the way I looked or the way I behaved (being shy). I had to learn it in it on my own way.

But with the help of Levi's everything can change! How you say? Hear are some examples:

Example 1:
Levi's is a leading brands among youngsters! Trust me, it is! Why don't Levi's, start doing roadshows to most University and Colleges's in Malaysia? Thats when you will and can reach out to the younger generations! Levi's can organise competitions like modelling competitions and pageants, whereby people with low self esteem and lack of confidence, can make a move and can be given a chance to discover their self. It may seem small, but this little things will let them to grow and experience this journey! Levi's should be a role model where, everyone should be given a chance regardless of that 'perfect' rules being set for models or pageants. It may seem crazy, but trust me the crazy ones are the ones who change the world! Believe me! :)

Example 2:
Levi's should spread the joy and colourfulness by being the role model the people want to see. I maybe lucky enough to be writing about this campaign, but what about the people who where not so lucky knowing about this? Everyone is unique in their own way. Levi's should constantly be in the line with its people! Levi's should be the role model by organizing more of this contest and letting the generation know about the unique ideas that can be given by many deserving people out there. Levi's can be a platform in positive thinking and making a change with style.

I hope, my little idea, gets a chance in Levi's with style. Levi's was always my dream, and I used to save up always to buy my favourite pair of Jeans! One day out of surprise, my friend, gifted me with one, and it may me feel so great!

Its always about giving to receive more, hope Levi's can continue being our role model and thus, giving back to the people! Thank you for reading! :)

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DecoNeko - Deco means decoration, and Neko means cat. So the name literally means decoration cat (I love cats).

For those who love Japanese things and craft might have discovered the growing popularity of Japanese do-it-yourself candy and kits worldwide especially in youtube. What you do is you take packets of powder, mix it with water then voila! From powder it turns into candy that’s shaped like sushi, burger, ramen noodles, cake, panda dango, all the things that you would never imagine possible. It’s so awesome, it’s almost like magic! This is art in its glorious form. It’s not only so much fun to do, but it’s also very delicious!

There are also do-it-yourself kits for everything imaginable. Japanese love putting really cute DIY design to their personal belongings. Like ‘decoden’ which is a word mix of ‘deco’ as in decoration, and ‘den’ which is a partial word of ‘denwa’ which means mobile phone, where you take bits and pieces of cute ‘cabochons’ (cute miniature items in various shapes and sizes), stick it on anything like books, phones, portable game consoles etc. and add some fake whipped cream and voila, another art in its most imaginative and creative form. They unleash the creativity in you. You can find almost any kits in Japan – from making your own erasers to keychain, accessories, cute bento and sandwiches, clay, stamps, popcorn, cotton candy and the list goes on and on.

Those who could go beyond their own boundaries would mix and match to create a completely new and different type of creation. DecoNeko is all about encouraging people to unleash their creativity in a new and interesting way that the Japanese have kept to themselves before the era of internet & technology (and youtube!)

To find out more, visit DecoNeko's facebook where I update daily: http://www.facebook.com/DecoNeko

Intan Fazliana Din

About Me

I have one passion in life - art. Hi, my name is Intan. I am a diploma graduate from a local university college majoring in film. Art has been a part of me since I could walk. I love drawing, singing, dancing, editing fanvideos, experimental films, zombies etc. I also make chocolates and bake cupcakes. I love anything and everything that requires creativity. About a decade ago, I was obsessed with J-Pop. I’ve always been interested in everything Japan – language, music, movies, food, anime, games, culture, invention, history, cities, lifestyle, fashion, oh you name it. Being in a Japanese school for one year also majorly influenced my obsession with Japan. One major thing that I absolutely love about Japanese people is that boys and girls, kids and adults, they all love kawaii thing! Kawaii means cute. When you see the design in EVERYTHING, it’s always so cute and colourful! Not to mention creative too.

So last year, I discovered a great thing that had rapidly increase in popularity and now a current trend- Japanese DIY candy! Because it’s very rare to find those gems in Malaysia, I decided to open ‘DecoNeko’, an online based store selling these weird yet awesome DIY candy and kits. From making candy, to making erasers to light fuwa fuwa clay to those really cute squishy, you name it. If it’s kawaii/cute, it’ll be in my store. It took me 3 months of research, planning, designing, and negotiating before I officially opened my online store. I spent every penny I have in my savings account importing few boxes of candies & kits at a time. My aim is to make all the rare fun Japanese creations available in Malaysia. My hope is to be able to grow DecoNeko and expand it to be the one-stop shop for candies and craft materials.

How I Plan To Go Forth

I have a mission to work at expanding my store to the point that I’m capable of opening a real, physical store. There are so many unique items available worldwide that I would love to have in my store. I plan to import more items not just limited to Japan but other parts of the world as well such as Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, China even the US.

I want to invest towards the cost of importing more unique items, advertising cost, a better paid shopping cart system with better SEO support (which is crucial), a HD video camera to film all the craft and tutorials for my items, a smart phone or iPad for better and faster customer support when I’m away, traveling expenses to promote my items for Malaysians & expatriates, and to tap into international market and make the items available worldwide.

I also want to invest towards buying my own craft items so I could start making my own handmade items to sell such as keychain, accessories, decoden-type designs for various items and more.

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The WAMM Box

WAMM is about all things Malaysian Made in all things creative and entertaining, be it movies, music, theatre, stand-up, comics, art, ANYTHING. If it’s Malaysian Made, we’re there. Beyond posting about it via our website, twitter and facebook, WAMM would one day like to take it a step further and help produce new works as well!

Michael Chen

About Me

I’m an Actor & Producer. But more importantly, I am a Malaysian Creative Arts Advocate. I work on 2 platforms : Kakiseni.com (for performing arts) and founded WeAreMalaysianMade.com (from movies to music, comics & everything in between) . When not acting or producing, I can also be found teaching kickboxing at TNT Kickboxing, Hartamas.

How I Plan To Go Forth

WAMM wants to produce & create a compilation of new & awesome Malaysian Made creative works - all packaged into an awesome WAMM compilation. Short Films, Music, Comics, Photography, Graphic Design and Short Stories. a WAMM Box that will be sold & distributed - with profits being funneled into creating more WAMM Boxes and the contributing artists.

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L.A.R.K is short for Life's A Real Kaleidoscope-- a collection of fun, limited edition accessories that are proudly handcrafted right here in Malaysia. I begin each accessory with a sketch which then slowly takes form through rounds and rounds of prototyping. Each material is personally selected, hand-cut, and I finish selected stitches individually by hand. I'm enamored by color play and putting colors together never fails to excite me-- with the color pairings I see emotions and characters coming to life. A little part of me goes into every piece I make and I'm excited to see them travel across the world.

Ching-Ching Ng

About Me

Hello! I'm Ching. In 2012 I started L.A.R.K to sell my handmade accessories. Things didn't come easy as it was not an easy task to be noticed in the sea of many talents on the Internet. Still, I kept trying and trying. With a stroke of luck, L.A.R.K was spotted by Daily Candy, an online fashion digest based in US. Til today, L.A.R.K has been picked up by fashion-forward websites including Frankie (Australia), Kim Gray (South Africa), We Heart (UK), and Because London (UK). L.A.R.K has also been approached by Fab, The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, Amber Atherton, and other foreign buyers.

I started L.A.R.K with a 90 Ringgit budget for materials and a sewing machine that my mother had passed to me years ago. Whatever money I earned went into investing in better materials, tool upgrades, and funded more experimentation for developing newer designs and products. I now work on a heavy duty industrial sewing machine and import certain high quality materials that can't be found locally. At times, it's challenging to fulfill large orders as I craft each piece individually by hand. Nevertheless, I like being a slave. Especially when I'm my own master.

How I Plan To Go Forth

I would like to continue nurturing my baby L.A.R.K until it grows into a giant unstoppable monster. Ok, kidding. Sorta. It would be ideal to be able to invest in more efficient tools, advertising and additional help to continue creating more unique accessories that are proudly handmade in Malaysia and shipped worldwide. And perhaps maybe even expanding beyond accessories one day.

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The passionate Luthier

My current in actions,are:studying and keep on practicing with my instrument making technique,learn Italian language for the benefit of understanding and translating old Italian archives and document them precisely,participate in the musical instrument building competition to come in 2015,and keep on sharing my knowledge with friends. Set up a tiny workshop at rented room as my homework place,visiting instrument fairs and exhibition to gain more knowledge.And finally,have a workshop for apprentices and pupils alike,to fulfill the desire of learning.

Andrew Tan Nyen Wen

About Me

I am born in a happy family in the year of 1986,growing up with a lot of memorable experiences,my dreams and ambition become unusual.
Seeing me doing arts and crafts at a very young age,development in artistic taste and passion for creation takes place so naturally,encouragements from parents and relatives unceasingly,even teachers and friends around recognized the efforts.
Participated in numerous painting competitions and musical performances,experience comes first, then prizes.To win prizes is of course the compliment for hours of practices,and the utmost credit,is for a better achievement in the future.
However,eliminating the best art form to further study means I would have to give up other skills acquired for years.3 years ago,having a chance to travel to Italy,my long desired combination of profession comes to agreement.By visiting a historical musical instrument museum in Rome,inspired me to be a luthier. Which means I am able to preserve my musical talent by catching up with violin playing and the creativity of making one.The ultimate aim,is to preserve old historical musical instruments that have been forgotten in centuries,seeing them laying in show cases desperately broken into fragments by force of time wasn't the nature of instruments,I would like the world to hear their beautiful music again,refurbished,replicates,preserved and revive the knowledge and appreciation of early music for our future generations to come.With the glory of inheriting traditions from our predecessors and generously passing down to all who love to learn the luthier skills,therefor I bravely venture again to the source--Italian violin making school in Parma,Noceto,under the guidance of maestro Renato Scrolavezza to complete a nation's dreams.

How I Plan To Go Forth

I am urgently needing some quite costly tools,for instant: work bench,chisel,plane,gauge,measuring kits,etc.(and the list goes on).Various kind of wood and materials from European regions,accessories and set ups.
The requirement for spending,do not just end here,the workshop will need more wood for more creations and more expenditure on lighting and gas,with good use of the funds,the program of keeping traditions alive is crucial.

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Salvus – the name borrowed from a Latin word meaning "safe" and "sound", is a cross-platform application that people can log on to and use GPS settings to find other users located near them. The users band together to form a community that can provide each other with a sense of security when needed. For example, a girl walking to her car in a parking lot alone can look for someone who can spare a few minutes of time to accompany her. People having to wait for the bus or train somewhere can stand together. The average petty criminal is not a meditative one, he preys on those who are vulnerable in the moment.

The possibilities are endless, but the common goal is compassion for fellow human beings, a recognition that yes, the crime situation sucks, so let the good people look out for each other. Users will vouch for each other and build a database of real people who want their fellow neighbours to be safe and sound. Users will be encouraged to link their Salvus accounts to their social media pages for added credibility.

Claudia Skyler Foong

About Me

I am a film graduate and aspiring novel writer. I currently live in London, and am returning to Kuala Lumpur in late November. One of my greatest concerns about my imminent return, is how unsafe people seem to be in KL. Every account that I read on Facebook about someone being slashed, robbed, or raped - truly and deeply bothers me. I don't want my peers being attacked, I don't want my sisters being assaulted, I don't want my family to worry about me when I go out. It further gets to me that many of the incidents are not committed by Malaysians themselves. Who and why are these foreign nationals attacking our people? I don't know. But I do know that we need to stop floating around, isolated in a sea of fear, and instead stand up and band together.

With my film background and creative writing passion, it would seem like I'm about to pitch a web series or awareness campaign, but that's not what I'm about. I don't want to talk about the problem, I want to try to fix it.

How I Plan To Go Forth

I will be writing the copy and overseeing privacy settings, the latter of which I will take very seriously. The last thing I want is for Salvus to be misused. The bulk of the money will go towards paying the developer/designer, with the remainder used for marketing and promotion. I will also likely get an Android tablet to help with beta testing.



Alive means that after the world crumble such as after the world war, disaster like 21.12.2012. The levis which we wear after facing the war or disaster will be destroy but still wearable and fashionable. This shown that the levis jeans are full of quality and powerful.

Ng Wei Chun

About Me

I'm denim lover. All my jeans are levis. I love the cutting and design of levis. Especially, the model 501 which is my favorite selection for outfit.

How I Plan To Go Forth

I will take this fund to purchase a set of levis clothing because i really love it.

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From my previous project "Bejalai" (you can watch the trailer above), I found out that back in the days, when the Iban migrated to Sarawak from Kalimantan, they have also learned tattooing from their Penan trekkers, part of the Orang Ulu.

Unlike the Iban, all Orang Ulu tattoo artists were women. Orang Ulu tattoo has not been practiced for many years, but the designs worn on living flesh continue to be stunning in their simplicity yet powerful in their abstraction. Until recently, tattooing here remained relatively unrecognized from an artistic standpoint.

Today, Orang Ulu tattoo is a dying, if not already dead, traditional practice. Disruptions to indigenous culture as a result of missionization and modernity continue to pave the way for a relinquishing of ancient customs.

I am on a personal mission to meet the women of Orang Ulu, who were once tattoo artists. Even if I have to travel into the interior of Sarawak but all that will begin from a small town called Belaga.

Uzair Sawal

About Me

Hey, my name is Uzair. I love making videos and most of the times, I use it to tell stories.

Recently, I made a short documentary about an old tradition of the Iban called "Bejalai" (you can click on the link for the trailer). I learn a lot about our culture from hearing their untold stories.

From that project, I realised that there are more things that we do not know and it is right in our own backyard. If nobody is going to document their stories, it will die with them and future generations will never get to learn about their ancestors.

How I Plan To Go Forth

With the fund, it will help me kickstart the research for this particular subject.

Depending on the amount given, I am hoping to be able to document the vanishing culture before it is forgotten.

What is the point to go forth but not knowing where we came from?

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Road to the World

I would like to join the sanctioned international races, bring Malaysia and its skating community into the limelight of competition and hopefully, prove to Malaysians and everyone else that even a simple Malaysian can achieve greater things.

Adam Sharizman

About Me

A skater at heart, I started street skating at the age of 14. I transitioned into downhill skateboarding two years ago and ever since, have been slowly pushing the downhill skateboarding scene with little events and community gatherings.

How I Plan To Go Forth

Pay for my ticket and living expenses to the U.S where I will spend a month traveling where the North American circuit is at.

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Sneak a peek Reinvents

My hope for this new venture is to become Malaysia's one-stop centre for all things lingerie and shapewear. Not only to offer consumers with a variety of high quality labels but to also support handmade lingerie labels from around the world.

To educate consumers on bra sizing, breast care, style and how to\'s all under one roof. To give consumers a precise image of products through product videos.
In all, to create a place that is loving, inclusive, and empowering to women all over.

iza sharmila

About Me

Started out with an independent tshirt label, Devotee in high school, I have developed an immense interest in fashion business. After graduating in international fashion marketing in 2011, and as I grew older, my love for lingerie and intimates grew and thus started Sneakapeekonline.net, an online portal for fashion forward lingerie and shapewear in mid 2012.

In Malaysia, I believe people are always ashamed of their intimate choices and public have always had this perception of lingerie, that it is only for women who are in heterosexual relationships to wear for their men. When in actual fact, lingerie is to make you feel good. The layer closest to your skin should help you feel comfortable and confident and amazing all day long, Lingerie is not just only bras and garter belts, it also includes robes, loungewear and more.

Today, lingerie has transcend into high fashion and into street fashion. With designers like Balenciaga taking inspirations from lingerie, to great style icons who popularize the lingerie-inspired celebrity fashion.

How I Plan To Go Forth

The winning fund will go towards video production on product videos for the website as well as breast care and style videos.

Having a bigger team to conduct personal fitting sessions at home, directly to consumers.

To hold lingerie and breast care talks and fun creative styling lingerie workshops.

To hold styling and fitting sessions for bridal parties.

To offer more variety of high quality lingerie labels including plus size labels that are lacking currently in the market.

With the funds going directly to these planned initiatives, we can be one step closer to our mission stated previously and hopefully improve women's everyday lives and confidence.

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KL in Film

My project is to document KL from corner to corner in film, black and white, creating high quality prints, printed by analog traditional printing to showcase the streets of KL in a way that hasn't been done before.

Rizki Maulana

About Me

An aspiring street photographer who still believes in film, traditional black and white processing and that analog photography is the key to documenting the streets. Shooting the streets of KL with his trusty Ricoh GR1v to capture the sight and the smell of the streets of KL from corner to corner

How I Plan To Go Forth

Winning the funds would help me cover the cost of film purchases, film developing and finally printing the photos traditionally on fine photographic printing paper.

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Recording & Touring

I am aiming to release a 12-song album at the end of 2013 with 8 B-sides to be released with 4 singles over the course of 2014. Altogether I’ll be recording 20 original tunes. I’m also planning to tour all the states in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and maybe even Australia.

Shaneil Devaser

About Me

I am a musician currently based in Petaling Jaya MY. I was born in Kuala Lumpur MY and raised in both Aberdeen UK and Kota Kinabalu MY. I sing and play guitar in the band Crossing Boundaries, besides being the principal songwriter and manager, since 2008. I’m currently pursuing a solo music career.

How I Plan To Go Forth

I am planning to apportion the winnings from Levi’s Go Forth between funding the recording of the 20 original tunes and the tour, which includes flights, motels, down-payments, promoters, etc. I have the drive, contacts and know-how, I just do not have the resources to proceed with the master plan.

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thankyou. is not just some quirky title or common catchphrase. thankyou. is about gratitude, and how the mere act of giving thanks and feeling thankful can make your wildest dreams come true.

This project is to kickstart my business as a visionary, holistic artist. I mainly produce a variety of watercolour artwork, particularly hand-painted journal covers for ‘Gratitude Logs’. I also give tarot card-readings and astrology chart-readings to help people.

Find out more in facebook.com/thankyouniverse :)

Jolin Kwok

About Me

I'm someone who always thought she was going to do great things for humanity. Now I am making it happen through my magical, visionary artwork and intuitive readings of tarot and astrology.

I mainly help people with my great sense of empathy and kindness.

How I Plan To Go Forth

I have a lot of short-term and long-term goals. The following is a general financial plan to be executed upon receiving the grand prize money:-

Within 1 month:
1. I will start and maintain my business online (via Facebook Page, Etsy, Official Website/Weblog) and in art fairs (ArtforGrabs, Pipit Zakar, and other bazaars). The money will be used for online transaction costs, booth rental fees, as well as the creation of my brand logo.
2. I will invest in quality art material. Anyone who does serious artwork would know that the production cost can be high. I believe in producing quality AND quantity, so I would invest in bulk orders of high quality art products (watercolour paint, watercolour canvas, blank journals, package wrappers, etc) to make even better quality items for my clients.
3. I will invest in a good webmaster and other necessary people for administrative purposes so that I can focus on creating more quality artwork.

Within 6 months:
1. I will rent a space in Publika Square or Jaya One as my workspace and exhibition space. The private space is necessary for both my work and my clients’ privacy. I also intend to showcase works of other local and global artists that express their sense of gratitude and appreciation for life.

After 6 months and beyond:
1. As I have chosen Publika Square as my new work location, I would like to move from Puchong to somewhere nearer too. This would make my services more easily accessible for the public. Moreover, due to financial constraints, I currently live in my parents’ home. My parents have been very kind and supportive to host me and I would like to relieve them of the financial cost. So I intend to invest in a loft of some sort where I can live and work at comfortably.
2. Gradually, I will move on to create my own center of holistic arts and having partnerships with various people of the creative and performing arts, both local and international, in creating more beautiful things and events that would encourage people from all walks of life to fully engage with their artistic and poetic nature, their appreciation for life. I will produce performance pieces and other innovative works that would revolve around the theme of gratitude and appreciation. This is why I named my brand or company "thankyou." in the first place.
3. To prove that I am really serious about this expansion, I am already discussing plans with a good friend of mine to create a fashion label division under thankyou. We intend to sell stylish items of recycled materials, “motivational-cookie” style. Hopefully this will encourage people to appreciate used products, or things that they already have.

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Project SeXed

Today, inadequate conversations regarding sexual behavior has seen many young adults at great risk of committing themselves into relationships and taking it further without understanding the complexities of a sexual relationship.

Our project is non-profit, non-religious, and non-political. We're also not here to judge or preach. Instead, we hope to share the reality of what sexual relationships really become. There are always good stories and bad stories in any situation and we hope to capture as many of it as possible to give a full view on sexual relationships. It is a myth that this will promote sexual behaviors. Those who want to commit it, would do so with or without our campaign. In fact, it is with stories of such that will give them more information to weigh their decisions. Project SeXed is to promote informed choices among young adults when it comes to sexual acts, this is important as the topic of sex is still a sensitive issue and of great controversies in Asian culture.

Briana Leong

About Me

I'm 20 this year and I want to be an advocate for comprehensive sex ed in Malaysia.

How I Plan To Go Forth

We want to:

1) Get a domain for our website: projectsexed.com sounds gorgeous, no?

2) Film a simple documentary to present to Malaysians, the idea of Project Sexed as we kick start our campaign



Superwantanmian Project

I had a nickname for myself, which I call Superwantanmian. It was a coincidental name that I combined my love for wantanmee and superman that it became such a name. I felt it was silly at first but my friends liked it, so I thought maybe I should call myself that. Just as I love eating, I like sharing awesome food with my friends, so I decided maybe I should start-up the best wantanmee concept store in the world. The store will be based on the Japanese ramen road stall concept where it would be simple stall serving warm-comforting food. Not to forget it will have its own signature Superwantans! The main idea of the store is to create a nice environment where friends can have a great time, and good ol\' Chinese food. Despite having no culinary skills besides the usual maggi mee, I am determined to launch this project of mine and who knows that Superwantanmian may just be the next My Burger Lab? ;)

Nicholas Chin

About Me

My name is Nicholas and I'm an aspiring photographer/director. I loved drawing ever since I was young but I realized that my drawings were never as good as my other artsy friend\'s work. I stopped drawing for quite some time before I realized that I could take nice pictures using my hand phone, which then I thought why don\'t I pick up photography? Few years have passed and I was glad that I made the right decision.

Having also dabbled in videography ever since the first video-capable DSLR, the Nikon D90 was launched, I embarked my journey in videographing and directing various short films and music videos. It was never easy getting my imaginations come true but it tests my capabilities with the limited resources I get.

I\'m also a food addict and I\'m willing to travel great distances just to have a taste of the best food in the world. I eat to live and I live to eat! :)

How I Plan To Go Forth

The winning funds will go to the creation of the best wantanmee in town, and also the most eye-catching wantanmee stall ever!

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Be a (love) Designer

I'm starting my designer dream by creating 2 awesome illustrative books that inspires everyone to believe that love still exists beautifully amongst us in our lives.

The first one would be a children's book that inspires them to travel & learn of the people & places all around the world and seeing the beauty that the world has to offer. It would be an art illustrative book that are formed and created with loads of love and with its own magic.

The second book that I am planning to make is of awesome stories of real people through interviews - its fully an illustrative book also. This book is close to my heart as it prevails the love of people which inspires me and I hope it'll inspire others too in a humane way that love exists all the while.

I plan to expand my creativity and my dream as a designer by instilling "love" into people's heart, mind and soul through many other art & design projects (both in book, illustration or art forms and of real life experiences/projects) that will be shown in my website alongside with my other creations of loves.

I want to be able to connect with people through love, art and designs.

Premalatha Sunderam

About Me

I am Prema, also known as Chloe Sidh (designer name). I work a full time job currently but as all of you, I have my own dream too- to become a designer (a creative designer, an illustrator and an author) that instill love into people's life.

I have been drawing & coloring since I was in high school and for all I know is, that devoted love is still entwined within my heart and soul. It is my salvation. I'm obsessed of all the creativity, colors, beauty and loves that the "world" is waiting for me to be engrossed with and softly pluck her loves to be spread to humanity. I still believe in fairy tales, beautiful love stories and foremost I believe in the power of love (of all forms) that it can bring the good in everyone. I have never had a lesson in design and I am self-taught but I do believe that it only takes love and willpower to do whatever I am passionate about. As a designer I am able to tell the world that to the world, to inspire them through love and humanity. I want to be just like Candy Chang - her designs and creativity enthralled me.

My artworks and doodles can be viewed in my Instagram ChloeSidh_prema and in facebook under Chloe Sidh.

How I Plan To Go Forth

As for now, I have been doing my drawings using paper and pencil, and also my ipad with round stylus but the clarity and the precision of a graphic is not there, hence a non professional result. With the fund, I'll be able to get myself a tablet with its pen especially made for it, have a designer website that continously updates and inpires people to love through my projects and designs and with remaining sum i'll use them to get a good camera that take good high quality shots and also makes a good video.

These tablet, website & camera are essential tools for me to pursue my dream to be a designer, the designer that I wanted to be, to enable me to draw, design, snap photos and shoot videos for all my projects of art, design & humanity.

It'll be my platform for a wonderful beginning!

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Art of Dance

Besides travelling around the world to understand their dance better, I would love to gather all the passionate dancers to talk more about their thinking about the dance in their country on youtube. I want to let parents or everyone in the world to know that dance is a form of art. It's not a thing or tools that making the kids or dancers to look cool! We don't want that. We just want the people around us to support what we're doing.

After having a documentaries from the dancers, we can have different dance instructors to exchange dance styles in different countries. That way, we get to have different dance styles involved in the world. Dance is a culture. It's a passion. It's a dream to go far.

Gan Xiao Ning

About Me

A passionate hip hop dancer who lack of confidence and still in the road of searching her own identity. Since young, I just love being on the stage to perform. Now I'm 19 years old. I was a company dancer and perform many times on stage. Even now I quitted the company, I still love the stage and the passion --- DANCE. I may not be able to perform officially as a company dancer but I dance at home, in the club, along the street. Whenever the music is on, I'll be there dancing. The more dancers I've met, the more confidence I will lose simply because I'm afraid that I'm not a great dancer. I want to be better. I want to learn more. I want to travel the world to see the dance culture from every single country because dance is a different kind of art that can be expressed in every different way in different country. I want to a dancer who travel the world and spread the art of it.

How I Plan To Go Forth

The fund enable me to travel and search for dancers to be in my documentary as well as the tools for me to spread the art of dance around social media or radio.

If possible, I would love to get some volunteers to help me to spread this message around so that people wouldn't get the wrong perception of dance.

Even that if I couldn't get anything in return but at least I know that I did my best to spread the message around the world and I know there are passionate dancers out there who would love to do the same thing as me. Telling the world how much they love to dance and how far they wanna go with dance.

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A project of hope, certainly want it to be done. If asked in the letter, there may be between us could not find it. But if we were to the naked eye of a Human, certainly there is not noticed. Maybe my life before this lot to teach me the true meaning of caring, sharing, feeling, desire and HUMAN. Maybe this is my way to make a good bit meager. I personally plead before a lot of this and I'm doing wrong I forgot to say there are other HUMAN looking like what I felt before. The past, I can share my laughter with friends who lost interchangeably, this time I'd like to share with those looking for a long time. As potential donors, organ donor, I was happy that the organs in my body given to those who need later after I had gone. Not want to create a drama tv as televisions, but as HUMAN ever forget and drift for a while and I was not the DJ Don or Ustaz Azhar Idrus. I just feel that they-those from needy families, orphaned children, and as such deserved to be the joy of another HuMan.


About Me

Hello Malaysian. My name is Mohd Zharif Bin Mokhter but can call me AYEP because all my friends was called me that name. Originated and grew up in Kuala Lumpur and 2012 is the 28th year that I placed on this Beautiful Earth. Was working at TV3 at last 4 years, interest in the field of music, outdoor activities, socializing with my friends is one of my activities and even i'm not a PROFESSIONAL, but I am very interested in the field of Photography and this is way to release the pressure and made a hobby when i have extra time and im still learning from my own mistakes and always asked them who know better about "Photography". Born in Pisces which has the character of a good-humored, often making others laugh of his own, friendly, simple chatting, listeners are loyal, honest, intelligent, and creative and undemonstrative love of storytelling. Raised from modest family, I am the second child from five siblings in which the first is my sister who is married, under my next, working at UTM, under which was number 4, is studying at France , under JPA Scholarship and my youngest brother was still studying at UiTM Segamat, Johor. My family and I taught a simple way of life where what we want is quite limited because Mom and Dad are more concerned with their children's education than luxury. Due to the desire that never felt forced to be suppressed before that we all still breathing today. As a perfect care of Mom and Dad, makes my eyes open on this day to see and know that there are still have a lots people who need them most of what I need before. From there I learned about human life which is sometimes overlooked or ignored by the so-called Human. Human in Human. Sure there are implicit and explicit.

How I Plan To Go Forth

Actually, frankly i say, my english not very good, so I use google translate for this. Suppose that if I win and get RM20k, The first thing I am going to do is i will say "THANKS GOD". This might be a miracle that has been written. I will feel very happy and proud of myself because of this money I could SHARING joy to those who are unable to feel or may not be able to feel it. There may be among us today who really was born in the life of luxury and self-sufficient. But have crossed our hearts and minds for those less fortunate or maybe they can not directly feel it. is indeed a perfect creation of this EARTH OWNER some easy and some are difficult. each of their needy never applied or want such a life. Maybe it does not happen to us, contact us or our close relatives. But let us take a deep breath and when we exhale, try to use common sense and moral sense has always been in each of us, and that is where we are going to feel like what they're feeling. For those who are destined Parental death in seconds they were young or not ready and not enough love of a father and mother, what are your feelings when they see friends or the people around me have fun with what little while they would cry. That is not their will or the will of any man, but that's called FATE. my joints

I do not know when that came to me one day, am I ready for this? am I strong to face this test? are you sure you're ready? are you confident that you will always live in easy circumstances like now? I know, you all certainly have the answer. But if we remember and never forget that human life is like a wheel that rotates, it will definitely infusion from your heart clean and sensitive to share this joy with the less fortunate. Maybe with a little bit but sincere sharing of each CITIZENS OF MALAYSIA, will give a thousand beautiful meaning to them. No Compulsion If you want to do ..

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Everyday, Everywhere

Design guru and my personal idol, Stefan Sagmeister, closes his New York studio and takes a one-year sabbatical every seven years. This give him an opportunity to revive his creative energy and find inspiration from new environments. "The work that comes out of these years flows back into the company and into society at large."

Starting in February 2013, I will travel the world and make art every single day. Art can take any form, from photography to typography, and I will do something art-related everyday. I believe in traveling with a purpose, not simply seeing the sights and collecting souvenirs. My purpose is three-fold: to teach, to learn, and to share.

Art is dynamic and conversational, so I believe we can create more innovative work by teaching, sharing and learning from each other. While traveling, I plan to share my knowledge and Malaysian culture with local communities while learning new techniques in all the different places I go. For example, I plan to teach arts & crafts to youth communities in Vietnam, learn hand screen printing in Shanghai, screen films by Malaysian legend P. Ramlee in Koln, Germany, and connect with locals everywhere through art. My goal after my journey is to teach and express what I have learned and experienced through art exhibitions, art classes, design talks and by publishing a design/travel book.

Quit your job. Travel the world. Make art. Go forth!

Syahrulfikri Razin Salleh

About Me

I love art. I love everything to do with art - the philosophy, the aesthetics and the emotions involved in each movement, each piece, each project. Art is not just a hobby for me; it is a lifestyle. Altogether, I have worked in publishing, advertising, and production houses for 12 years, and I have taught arts & crafts to kids aged 8 to 12 years old for the same amount of time. I carry a sketchbook wherever I go, and there are more rolls of film than food in my refrigerator.

Since 2006, I have participated in exhibitions and art events at numerous locations, such as the National Art Gallery. My work includes photography, illustration, painting, graphic design, typography, and more. I tend to focus on Malaysian culture using Bahasa Malaysia, Malaysian nursery rhymes, folk tales, and P. Ramlee films. In addition to creating art, I love to teach and to share my knowledge, and I believe I can contribute outside classroom as well as inside.

Currently, I am teaching typography and graphic design in an international university in Malaysia, but I will resign from the job in February to travel the world.

How I Plan To Go Forth

The funds will contribute towards a pre-departure exhibition in January featuring the artwork of my friends and myself, cameras and documentation devices during my travels, design and art tools to use on the road, and for general travel expenses.

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It is hard to break the fashion photography scene in Malaysia and it's what I wish to do. For as long as I can remember, it has been my dream to shoot for a fashion spread. In this project I wish to shoot a fashion spread covering the latest trend and style. Shooting will be done outdoor with lots of sunshine, flares and attitude, bringing the energy in what the fashion should be; fresh and edgy.

Nurul Khairunie

About Me

My name is Nurul Khairunie, I am a small town girl with a big dream on taking over the world with portrait and fashion photography. Photography has always been my passion and shooting portraiture is what I know I can do for the rest of my life.

How I Plan To Go Forth

The winning funds will cover the photography equipment and gear, model castings, stylist on hand, make-up and hair, crews, locations, any other preparations and most importantly the acquired clothes that needed for the photoshoot.

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Kronologi Empat Juta

I have a short-story that I'm still working on (you guys can check it at http://step-red-now.blogspot.com/2012/10/kronologi-empat-juta-part-6.html ). It is pretty much like movie 'Lock Stock & Two Smokin' Barrels' meets 'Reservoir Dogs'. It portrays the reality of KL's dark side of criminal world, added with some dark comedy element. I want to make a web-series (5 or 6 episodes) based on this story.

Adam Shamsul Anwar

About Me

I'm from KL. I love to watch movies, especially sci-fi and drama. I have a dream to become a movie director. I adore Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino's movies so much I wanna be like them combined.

How I Plan To Go Forth

With the money, I want to buy a decent video-camera, audio-device, some props and money to pay the cast. I want to hire Christoph Waltz as the villain but I'm just joking=I

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levi's style

improve the quality of the production and give the guarantee and the papacy against time customers

faizaltul bin suhaimi

About Me

stylish, simple, courageous, assertive, discipline. was a student in the diploma of media. want to be able to burst a name in the world of media. was the third child of five siblings.

How I Plan To Go Forth

I want to improve and attract as many people to try and will feel satisfaction with product-product. and wish to become one of the brand's production agent

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levi's for student

i want sell this product for student

faizaltul bin suhaimi

About Me

i am student at kolej yayasan melaka

How I Plan To Go Forth

just i want be a agent to sell levi's product because i need a money..

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Your Song

Video directed by me for my anniversary. Special dedications to all those who are going through LDR. :)

Bringing back songs with good lyrics and rhythm.

During the olden days, music was more than just rhythm. It was the song you dedicated to your loved ones and the song you listen to when you are sad or happy. My dream is to bring back music with good lyrics and songs that you can actually dedicate or listen to when you are feeling happy/sad.

No, I dont want to forget about my boyfriend and meet you at the hotel room. No, I dont want to blow your whistle after partying with you. I want you to bring out on a date like normal humans do and go back to my own house. GET IT?

Lina Soong Mei Lin

About Me

An ordinary Seremban girl whose passion is all about music and fashion.

-Started off singing in Fete De La Musique in The Curve in 2010
-Urbanscapes with An Honest Mistake ft Me.
- Second Runner-up for Dentyne Terra-oke competition in 2011.

I have started writing songs not long ago and I would love to get it released in an E.P and to travel more to be inspired for new culture and music. Born as a 1991 baby, I have always believed music is always more than just the notes and rhythm. Lyrics brings feelings and connection to the listeners and that is what I want to do as an artist in the future. Let my listeners connect to my songs. :)

91thestrangers channel: Started when I was 18
Linasoong channel : 21 and above!

How I Plan To Go Forth

By winning this project,I would be able to go for studio recordings and also seek feedbacks from the professionals who are in the music industry as I am new in this line. It will also help me fund for the release and for the marketing of my first EP and to compliment the release of the EP, I will also seek help from videographers for my first video of my own written song. I believe video aids the listeners in visualizing the meaning behind the song. Winning this would be a dream come true for me as I have never put much hope in myself because everyone can sing but it takes courage and creativity to stand out. :)

You can tell everybody this is your song- Elton John

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About Time

I would like to record a 10 track album, hold an album release gig and follow up with gigs in as many venues as possible that will have me.
At the end of it I intend to donate 30% of the profit from cd sales to Change Your World movement - they work closely with Tenaganita, Suka Society and Agape Restoration Centre, and aims to help those who are victims of abuse, modern day slavery and human trafficking.

Sulyn Ooi

About Me

I am a music graduate and songwriting has always topped the list in my book. I released an E.P. titled Spring Cleaning a year after graduation, and after that it dwindled to sporadic dabbling. I had a lot of trouble believing that being a successful songwriter is something achievable, so for a long time I did not take it too seriously. However the desire never died and the voices in my head refused to shut up. After many pity parties I came to realize I have to just go forth (pardon the pun) despite of fear as nobody can chase my dreams for me. So here I am, just recently venturing into the life of a freelance musician - teaching, singing for weddings, gigging my originals, and trying to complete 3 more songs by December to have enough material for a good album.

How I Plan To Go Forth

The funds provided by this campaign will go into

i) the making of the album - some I could complete with my own resources, but the rest will have to be recorded in a studio, hiring musicians, an audio engineer for the recording sessions, mixing and mastering the tracks.

ii) Printing and distributing

iii) Album artwork

iv) Hosting a release gig (renting place, renting equipment, hiring live sound engineer, ushers)

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It is just to provide affordable custom one-offs (or bundle) printing service on various mediums, such as t-shirts, button badges and etc for students, working adults, or just plain anyone.
(Yes, I have surveyed the market)

On several occasions, part of the proceeds goes to any charitable needs I come across.

Muhamad Asyari Amir Arif

About Me

I am to be honest, nothing special. An average joe that is 21 years of age just trying to get by. I love various things related to food, movies, music, games, and travel. I have participated in and organised several events, mainly charity related.

How I Plan To Go Forth

Winning this will help fund my idea so to speak by allowing me to acquire the equipments and materials for my day dream ventures.

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The Jellikids

The Jellikids are passionate about bringing NEW & FRESH kidswear collections. Kids deserve to look fashionable at all times. We need a place/boutique where parents can find their kids baju kurung & baju melayu at anytime!

Jalina Jalin

About Me

A mom with two girls and a fashion-designer-wanna-be. I love fashion design since I was a little girl. Creating and designing Barbie's outfit using fabric scraps was one of my hobby during my past time. Now, I'm trying to express my passion in fashion by designing kids outfits.

How I Plan To Go Forth

1. To advertise The Jellikids
2. To add equipments for The Jellikids
3. To design more styles for The Jellikids

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Second Chance!

This project is about giving these animals a second chance in life. We have plenty of sanctuaries in Malaysia and I know there are a lot of other people who wants to help as well . Me being one of those people would want a second chance for these animals? Remember the recent case where the puppy is thrown in the manhole? These are animals that needs help. They need a place where they can live their life, get a second chance and be loved the way they should. Wouldnt you want the same for these helpless animals? Part of the mission is to re-home every animals responsibly and with the best care possible as well as to reduce the stray population through spaying and neutering.

Angeline Ng Geok Kee

About Me

My passion are ANIMALS. Particularly the ones that are helpless. I know if I can I would bring all the animals in need back home. The thing is, I CANT. I very much want to be able to be the voice for these animals. Abandoned cats and mistreated dogs, they all deserve a better chance.

How I Plan To Go Forth

A lot of people abandon their animals and pets especially when they are sick and old. Where are all their compassion? What can we expect from a community if this is happening around us? We have people who wants to help and is fully committed to doing this. There are some organization that are funded by government but also some organization that are doing it on their own.

The fund will be use to help a non profit organization in a way where it can be maintained and be on its own feet to help the animals in the future. This particular sanctuary will be the ideal location for an adoption center as well as rehabilitation center for suffering animals. This sanctuary needs assistance to build up their center in order for them to take in more animals and to fence up the area so that the dogs can run freely. This organization do not pick up stray dogs or accept surrendered dogs as it is already covered by our government supported organization like PAWS and SPCA. This organization helps to complete what Malaysia is lacking. Emergency cases like accidents and abuse. For now, their expertise are dogs but they do look into any animals in distress.

The targeted plan is for the center to be able to have a pet boarding service that allows the pets to be roaming freely (within the area) and the money can be part of the funds for their future use. To build up a place as such requires a lot of money. Everyone wants to help but not everyone have the method to do so. This organization have the time, commitment and value the lives of every animals. They also work to educate people on loving and caring for animals and respect lives. These are their long term plan and this is something I am very passionate to help with.

This is what I am sure is worth investing my time, money, passion and energy in.

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Dream e-Fashion-Magazine

I am inspired to create an e-fashion-magazine for those potential young and fresh talent to go forward into becoming a professional model.


About Me

I have been living a life where helping people is the best thing that one could've imagined for. I am the living Clark Kent, one could say. Doing office related job such as attending meetings, going to conferences and etc. has been a fun routine job. But nonetheless, as a passionate photographer, to be able to help young talent to pursue their dreams has been the best experience for me.

How I Plan To Go Forth

Through this e-fashion-magazine, they will experience a makeover by professional make-up artist, working with experienced art director and of course, to be shoot in a complete studio setup. This will further ensure that they are in good hands. The images then can be used as their com-card or modeling portfolio to begin their modeling career. The prize money would be a big help for me to achieve this dream!

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Eye of the World

Once I have proven to myself that I am smart enough to get a degree I want to see the world and do what I really love; writing. I love being a fashion writer but I am also interested to write from a bigger picture. I recently went to Vietnam and realised that the world has so much to offer and all I have been doing is cooped up in my room with my books. Being exposed to other cultures and lifestyle enables us to see the world from a whole different lens. More importantly, I would like to share the experience of crossing a motorcycle war zone that is the Saigon roads, how the Thais cope with their massive traffic, how the French make perfumes and the Italians make pizzas!

Tengku Sofiah Aishah

About Me

I am 21 years old and I enjoy good food. Most of the times I am a second-year Accounting and Finance major. Other times I am a freelance fashion, beauty and health writer. I am still struggling to self-learn the ukulele. I am a varsity netball captain and occasionally I play futsal. I enjoy travelling, watching theatres and comedy shows. Desserts and Japanese food are my guilty pleasures. I probably spend a big chunk of my allowance on food.

How I Plan To Go Forth

The RM20,000 will help me get started with my first trip. I am thinking South America. They are rich with cultures and are home to exotic landscapes like the stunning Machu Picchu, the Amazon and the Angel Falls. There are so many things I can write about them. Needless to say, they have amazing cultures. It would be fantastic to get a tip or two about my latin dance skills at its place of origin. And while I am there, I can also explore the local fashion and styles! The prize money should cover the travelling and accommodation expenses and help me get by. Once I start submitting my articles, I will have an income that I can save up for my next trips!

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The Perfect Answer

A project of hope, a debut album for harmonic indie rock band, Mustard. The album consist of 10 songs which the recording process will take from 10 different recording studios and also 10 different sound engineers/producers. The album will mixed by a local producer and will be mastered at Abbey Road Studio, United Kingdom.

Faizal Amman

About Me

My name is aMMan, vocal, guitarist and songwriter for "superUNKNOWN" indie rock band Mustard. I have a deep core passion in songwriting since my school days..that's 14 years old... and the next two years in 1998, I've created Mustard!
I was like a song-generator that time where I made more than 50 songs under Mustard\'s library. We jam and play small gigs...but after a while, we stop to pursue our formal career. I stop writing since that moment, but the music never stop my passion to "restart" the band. After a long hiatus sleep of 7 years, we decided for a comeback in 2008...the era of blossoms for indie acts in Malaysia. Our demo received good response from MySpace and the band achieved as finalist in few battle competition. Followed by a single from the band's debut EP that remarkably on radio airplay for XFM and Suria FM, set as the greatest leap for the band's career. The scene was very competitive, and Mustard failed again to get the spotlight. And here we are again, from the 2nd hiatus awake, more focus in direction, will never give up and believe our material have its own price on the market...that's "HARMONIC INDIE ROCK"!

How I Plan To Go Forth

The winning funds will entirely covers recording fees and marketing campaign that exclusively focus on social media. The band will observe the best strategies to approach target audience, from flyers to launch party and even to interactive Facebook apps. A portion for social responsibility is a must, any purchase from online or store will donate 10% from the retail price to selected charity organization.

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Charlie V

My project is fashion based. A lot of people settle for mass production apparels. I want people to rediscover handmade items, tailored dresses, and custom made shoes. I want people to feel luxurious in their purchases. I want people to wear their clutches and dresses and feel the luxurious fabrics and know that a group of people put actual human labour creating their items, with passion and love.


About Me

My passion is in drawing and crafting, where I create my own happy world. Therefore, I design dresses and paint shoes. I want every woman to own beautiful dresses and accessories that can paint their world as they want it. Instead of mass production, I want them to indulge in handmade, custom, exclusive items. I want them to feel special and create their own happy world.

How I Plan To Go Forth

The first thing I am going to do is to register my company, and buy domain-name as Charlie V is an online-based business.The next thing is to employ a small group of people to get the business going (I am the only person now, with voluntary help from several friends.). Most importantly, I need to rent a studio where we can do our work..instead of my bedroom..

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my project to make own indoor D.I.Y skate park to all skateboarder to enjoy skating in a town


About Me

I've been a skateboarder and a fan since i 14years old,not too pro,just skate for fun with my hommies. When it come to skating,it always be happy thing execpt when it raining.skate time is the best thing chilling with friend and meet more people around the world

How I Plan To Go Forth

Do the best of the D.I.Y skatepark to enjoy skating with my hommies and other skater .We can upgrade in our skate scene,meet more people,make more friend without thinking about raining anymore :)...peace


Sick Clothing Co.

I am planning to start my own fashion label. The concept for the design of this fashion label is minimalist or simple and it focuses mainly for the youth today and also bmx or fixed gear riders apparel.

Muhammad Najmuddin Mohd N

About Me

Just a guy with a dream to be a successful entrepreneur by starting his own fashion label.

How I Plan To Go Forth

I have been dreaming this since I was a kid. I decided it is never too late to start something new. So why not today. If I win the RM20k, I will surely be able to proceed with my project to start my very own fashion label. I can start doing stuffs from head to toe, from beanies to even socks! I just hope this could be the stepping stone for me to go forth!

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The project will consist of two documentaries - Part 1: Ipoh Metal City and Part 2: ROCK KAPAK - A Malaysia Heavy Metal Phenomena. These documentaries will cover all aspects of the culture that once ruled Malaysia in the 80s and still have its impact until now.

This project will be directed by me and with the help of Theseplay video production, winner for MUFORS Road Reels: Short Film Competition for Students of Institutions of Higher Learning.


About Me

I am a huge heavy metal fan and love movies especially documentaries as it is a form of media that will open us to the world of knowledge and understanding of the events or phenomena around the world.

Sam Dunn from Bangers Production, is the director of two great heavy metal documentaries called Metal : A Headbangers' Journey and Global Metal. To my surprise, the documentary did not cover the metal scene in Malaysia although it cover the neighboring countries such as Indonesia.

Hence, as a Malaysian who admires Heavy Metal phenomena in Malaysia, starting from its explosive impact on the society in the 80s until now, i wanted to do heavy metal documentaries that will cover all there is to know about heavy metal phenomena in Malaysia, My country.

With this documentary, i hope that it can put Malaysia in the Heavy Metal World Map!

How I Plan To Go Forth

The fund will help me in promoting the heavy metal culture in Malaysia, the country itself, and i will gain a lot of experience in producing the documentary. There are no bodies or individuals that had done this in Malaysia or other neighboring countries, thus this is a great opportunity to inspired them too to share their culture and open them to the world.

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The FANtastic Adventure

A novel about travel and fan culture...documenting the experiences I've had as a fan of pop, rock, indie and most recently, K-pop and the amazing people and places I've acquainted myself with thus far. A book that draws a more positive light on a culture that few know about or view negatively.

Shakila Rajendra

About Me

I've been a writer and a fan ever since I can remember. Music, pop culture, fashion and travel are things I have almost always written about and are what drive me. I've been writing a book in my head about being a fan of pop, rock bands and travelling to escape since I was 16 but life got in the way and it's still a WIP. It's 13 years later and I think it's time to make this book a reality.

How I Plan To Go Forth

Through the group project KNUKEast which is a collective of me and my friends, we would like to organise more events, build more projects (such as our East-Asian music centered blog) to build better connections with the world of fans. Personally, this would enable me to self-publish the novel too.

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the 1st

the 1st is my first big project and i planned to start it next year January after i graduated from school. i wanna pursue a career as an artist but with the unstable income and bad economy it could be impossible to survive even a month. the 1st will be a drawing with arts all over the places. Graffiti work from the streets, arts from the pros, building from all over the world.


About Me

when it comes to drawing, that is something im passionate about. my mom put me into drawing classes when i was 8 and im stuck with having a pencils and paper since then.

How I Plan To Go Forth

by winning the funds, i can travel all across the world to check out all the street graffiti work, the old building details to perfectly drawn into my drawing, and the cultural to be portrait into the drawing.




I wanna record an EP of my best tunes. It promises to make you laugh, in an awkward way!


About Me

Hi, my name is Ian and I like to write songs about rude girly bits. I don't mean it in any sexist way, I mean it in a funny "would you like to have coffee with me someday" kind of way.

How I Plan To Go Forth

With this EP, I can finally rise up the ranks in the singer-songwriter scene. Take that all you other non-EP bearing artistes! But seriously, it\'d make my mother very proud and I\'d probably be inspired to record more.

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This is a comic about my pet dog Becky who acts like a crazy, rich old lady.


About Me

I've been doodling comics since I was 10 years old. Lately, I've come up with a series of comics about my pet dog as an old rich woman. My neighbor likes them and says I should start a webcomic or something.

How I Plan To Go Forth

First thing I'll do is buy a tablet so that it's easier for me to do my work digitally. Right now, I pencil them and scan it and edit it on Photoshop, which can be a bit tedious. If I wanna run it as an online webcomic, I'll need to set up a website too. I never know websites were so expensive!



I make decorative wooden brooches. I also sometimes take custom orders for designs.

Lara Craft

About Me

By day, I work in an auditing firm. Growing up, I wanted to pursue arts but my parents insisted I take up something more stable. But the job's boring so I've been spending most nights messing around with handcrafting. Turns out, I can make pretty brooches that I've mostly been giving away as birthday gifts.

How I Plan To Go Forth

Because my family and friends have been encouraging me to, I recently started selling my brooches as a side-business. I could do with some funds to set up an online store, as well as to buy better materials to improve my wares.



I've been trying to pull enough budget together to produce a short film I've been working on for the past year. I just need enough to pay my crew and actors.


About Me

I'm a film school graduate who's ended up making a living doing uninspiring corporate production work. I know I can do so much more with my talents.

How I Plan To Go Forth

With this money, I'm gonna finish up a short film I'm working on called "Two Feet Off The Ground".

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"Self Portrait" - Taken with a Canon 550D T2i


About Me

Hi my name is Lens and I'm really into photography. Got my first camera when I was 14 and since then, I've been working part-time jobs to pay for this expensive habit. My friends say I'm a good photographer and someday, I wanna be able to do this full time.

How I Plan To Go Forth

I want to eventually be a full-time freelance photographer or photojournalist. I love traveling and it's my dream to someday travel the world and capture its beauty through my lens. The prize money would help me upgrade my gear!

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