The FANtastic Adventure

A novel about travel and fan culture...documenting the experiences I've had as a fan of pop, rock, indie and most recently, K-pop and the amazing people and places I've acquainted myself with thus far. A book that draws a more positive light on a culture that few know about or view negatively.

Shakila Rajendra

About Me

I've been a writer and a fan ever since I can remember. Music, pop culture, fashion and travel are things I have almost always written about and are what drive me. I've been writing a book in my head about being a fan of pop, rock bands and travelling to escape since I was 16 but life got in the way and it's still a WIP. It's 13 years later and I think it's time to make this book a reality.

How I Plan To Go Forth

Through the group project KNUKEast which is a collective of me and my friends, we would like to organise more events, build more projects (such as our East-Asian music centered blog) to build better connections with the world of fans. Personally, this would enable me to self-publish the novel too.

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