The project will consist of two documentaries - Part 1: Ipoh Metal City and Part 2: ROCK KAPAK - A Malaysia Heavy Metal Phenomena. These documentaries will cover all aspects of the culture that once ruled Malaysia in the 80s and still have its impact until now.

This project will be directed by me and with the help of Theseplay video production, winner for MUFORS Road Reels: Short Film Competition for Students of Institutions of Higher Learning.


About Me

I am a huge heavy metal fan and love movies especially documentaries as it is a form of media that will open us to the world of knowledge and understanding of the events or phenomena around the world.

Sam Dunn from Bangers Production, is the director of two great heavy metal documentaries called Metal : A Headbangers' Journey and Global Metal. To my surprise, the documentary did not cover the metal scene in Malaysia although it cover the neighboring countries such as Indonesia.

Hence, as a Malaysian who admires Heavy Metal phenomena in Malaysia, starting from its explosive impact on the society in the 80s until now, i wanted to do heavy metal documentaries that will cover all there is to know about heavy metal phenomena in Malaysia, My country.

With this documentary, i hope that it can put Malaysia in the Heavy Metal World Map!

How I Plan To Go Forth

The fund will help me in promoting the heavy metal culture in Malaysia, the country itself, and i will gain a lot of experience in producing the documentary. There are no bodies or individuals that had done this in Malaysia or other neighboring countries, thus this is a great opportunity to inspired them too to share their culture and open them to the world.

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