Charlie V

My project is fashion based. A lot of people settle for mass production apparels. I want people to rediscover handmade items, tailored dresses, and custom made shoes. I want people to feel luxurious in their purchases. I want people to wear their clutches and dresses and feel the luxurious fabrics and know that a group of people put actual human labour creating their items, with passion and love.


About Me

My passion is in drawing and crafting, where I create my own happy world. Therefore, I design dresses and paint shoes. I want every woman to own beautiful dresses and accessories that can paint their world as they want it. Instead of mass production, I want them to indulge in handmade, custom, exclusive items. I want them to feel special and create their own happy world.

How I Plan To Go Forth

The first thing I am going to do is to register my company, and buy domain-name as Charlie V is an online-based business.The next thing is to employ a small group of people to get the business going (I am the only person now, with voluntary help from several friends.). Most importantly, I need to rent a studio where we can do our work..instead of my bedroom..

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