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A project of hope, a debut album for harmonic indie rock band, Mustard. The album consist of 10 songs which the recording process will take from 10 different recording studios and also 10 different sound engineers/producers. The album will mixed by a local producer and will be mastered at Abbey Road Studio, United Kingdom.

Faizal Amman

About Me

My name is aMMan, vocal, guitarist and songwriter for "superUNKNOWN" indie rock band Mustard. I have a deep core passion in songwriting since my school days..that's 14 years old... and the next two years in 1998, I've created Mustard!
I was like a song-generator that time where I made more than 50 songs under Mustard\'s library. We jam and play small gigs...but after a while, we stop to pursue our formal career. I stop writing since that moment, but the music never stop my passion to "restart" the band. After a long hiatus sleep of 7 years, we decided for a comeback in 2008...the era of blossoms for indie acts in Malaysia. Our demo received good response from MySpace and the band achieved as finalist in few battle competition. Followed by a single from the band's debut EP that remarkably on radio airplay for XFM and Suria FM, set as the greatest leap for the band's career. The scene was very competitive, and Mustard failed again to get the spotlight. And here we are again, from the 2nd hiatus awake, more focus in direction, will never give up and believe our material have its own price on the market...that's "HARMONIC INDIE ROCK"!

How I Plan To Go Forth

The winning funds will entirely covers recording fees and marketing campaign that exclusively focus on social media. The band will observe the best strategies to approach target audience, from flyers to launch party and even to interactive Facebook apps. A portion for social responsibility is a must, any purchase from online or store will donate 10% from the retail price to selected charity organization.

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