Dream e-Fashion-Magazine

I am inspired to create an e-fashion-magazine for those potential young and fresh talent to go forward into becoming a professional model.


About Me

I have been living a life where helping people is the best thing that one could've imagined for. I am the living Clark Kent, one could say. Doing office related job such as attending meetings, going to conferences and etc. has been a fun routine job. But nonetheless, as a passionate photographer, to be able to help young talent to pursue their dreams has been the best experience for me.

How I Plan To Go Forth

Through this e-fashion-magazine, they will experience a makeover by professional make-up artist, working with experienced art director and of course, to be shoot in a complete studio setup. This will further ensure that they are in good hands. The images then can be used as their com-card or modeling portfolio to begin their modeling career. The prize money would be a big help for me to achieve this dream!

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