Second Chance!

This project is about giving these animals a second chance in life. We have plenty of sanctuaries in Malaysia and I know there are a lot of other people who wants to help as well . Me being one of those people would want a second chance for these animals? Remember the recent case where the puppy is thrown in the manhole? These are animals that needs help. They need a place where they can live their life, get a second chance and be loved the way they should. Wouldnt you want the same for these helpless animals? Part of the mission is to re-home every animals responsibly and with the best care possible as well as to reduce the stray population through spaying and neutering.

Angeline Ng Geok Kee

About Me

My passion are ANIMALS. Particularly the ones that are helpless. I know if I can I would bring all the animals in need back home. The thing is, I CANT. I very much want to be able to be the voice for these animals. Abandoned cats and mistreated dogs, they all deserve a better chance.

How I Plan To Go Forth

A lot of people abandon their animals and pets especially when they are sick and old. Where are all their compassion? What can we expect from a community if this is happening around us? We have people who wants to help and is fully committed to doing this. There are some organization that are funded by government but also some organization that are doing it on their own.

The fund will be use to help a non profit organization in a way where it can be maintained and be on its own feet to help the animals in the future. This particular sanctuary will be the ideal location for an adoption center as well as rehabilitation center for suffering animals. This sanctuary needs assistance to build up their center in order for them to take in more animals and to fence up the area so that the dogs can run freely. This organization do not pick up stray dogs or accept surrendered dogs as it is already covered by our government supported organization like PAWS and SPCA. This organization helps to complete what Malaysia is lacking. Emergency cases like accidents and abuse. For now, their expertise are dogs but they do look into any animals in distress.

The targeted plan is for the center to be able to have a pet boarding service that allows the pets to be roaming freely (within the area) and the money can be part of the funds for their future use. To build up a place as such requires a lot of money. Everyone wants to help but not everyone have the method to do so. This organization have the time, commitment and value the lives of every animals. They also work to educate people on loving and caring for animals and respect lives. These are their long term plan and this is something I am very passionate to help with.

This is what I am sure is worth investing my time, money, passion and energy in.

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