About Time

I would like to record a 10 track album, hold an album release gig and follow up with gigs in as many venues as possible that will have me.
At the end of it I intend to donate 30% of the profit from cd sales to Change Your World movement - they work closely with Tenaganita, Suka Society and Agape Restoration Centre, and aims to help those who are victims of abuse, modern day slavery and human trafficking.

Sulyn Ooi

About Me

I am a music graduate and songwriting has always topped the list in my book. I released an E.P. titled Spring Cleaning a year after graduation, and after that it dwindled to sporadic dabbling. I had a lot of trouble believing that being a successful songwriter is something achievable, so for a long time I did not take it too seriously. However the desire never died and the voices in my head refused to shut up. After many pity parties I came to realize I have to just go forth (pardon the pun) despite of fear as nobody can chase my dreams for me. So here I am, just recently venturing into the life of a freelance musician - teaching, singing for weddings, gigging my originals, and trying to complete 3 more songs by December to have enough material for a good album.

How I Plan To Go Forth

The funds provided by this campaign will go into

i) the making of the album - some I could complete with my own resources, but the rest will have to be recorded in a studio, hiring musicians, an audio engineer for the recording sessions, mixing and mastering the tracks.

ii) Printing and distributing

iii) Album artwork

iv) Hosting a release gig (renting place, renting equipment, hiring live sound engineer, ushers)

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