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Video directed by me for my anniversary. Special dedications to all those who are going through LDR. :)

Bringing back songs with good lyrics and rhythm.

During the olden days, music was more than just rhythm. It was the song you dedicated to your loved ones and the song you listen to when you are sad or happy. My dream is to bring back music with good lyrics and songs that you can actually dedicate or listen to when you are feeling happy/sad.

No, I dont want to forget about my boyfriend and meet you at the hotel room. No, I dont want to blow your whistle after partying with you. I want you to bring out on a date like normal humans do and go back to my own house. GET IT?

Lina Soong Mei Lin

About Me

An ordinary Seremban girl whose passion is all about music and fashion.

-Started off singing in Fete De La Musique in The Curve in 2010
-Urbanscapes with An Honest Mistake ft Me.
- Second Runner-up for Dentyne Terra-oke competition in 2011.

I have started writing songs not long ago and I would love to get it released in an E.P and to travel more to be inspired for new culture and music. Born as a 1991 baby, I have always believed music is always more than just the notes and rhythm. Lyrics brings feelings and connection to the listeners and that is what I want to do as an artist in the future. Let my listeners connect to my songs. :)

91thestrangers channel: Started when I was 18
Linasoong channel : 21 and above!

How I Plan To Go Forth

By winning this project,I would be able to go for studio recordings and also seek feedbacks from the professionals who are in the music industry as I am new in this line. It will also help me fund for the release and for the marketing of my first EP and to compliment the release of the EP, I will also seek help from videographers for my first video of my own written song. I believe video aids the listeners in visualizing the meaning behind the song. Winning this would be a dream come true for me as I have never put much hope in myself because everyone can sing but it takes courage and creativity to stand out. :)

You can tell everybody this is your song- Elton John

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