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Design guru and my personal idol, Stefan Sagmeister, closes his New York studio and takes a one-year sabbatical every seven years. This give him an opportunity to revive his creative energy and find inspiration from new environments. "The work that comes out of these years flows back into the company and into society at large."

Starting in February 2013, I will travel the world and make art every single day. Art can take any form, from photography to typography, and I will do something art-related everyday. I believe in traveling with a purpose, not simply seeing the sights and collecting souvenirs. My purpose is three-fold: to teach, to learn, and to share.

Art is dynamic and conversational, so I believe we can create more innovative work by teaching, sharing and learning from each other. While traveling, I plan to share my knowledge and Malaysian culture with local communities while learning new techniques in all the different places I go. For example, I plan to teach arts & crafts to youth communities in Vietnam, learn hand screen printing in Shanghai, screen films by Malaysian legend P. Ramlee in Koln, Germany, and connect with locals everywhere through art. My goal after my journey is to teach and express what I have learned and experienced through art exhibitions, art classes, design talks and by publishing a design/travel book.

Quit your job. Travel the world. Make art. Go forth!

Syahrulfikri Razin Salleh

About Me

I love art. I love everything to do with art - the philosophy, the aesthetics and the emotions involved in each movement, each piece, each project. Art is not just a hobby for me; it is a lifestyle. Altogether, I have worked in publishing, advertising, and production houses for 12 years, and I have taught arts & crafts to kids aged 8 to 12 years old for the same amount of time. I carry a sketchbook wherever I go, and there are more rolls of film than food in my refrigerator.

Since 2006, I have participated in exhibitions and art events at numerous locations, such as the National Art Gallery. My work includes photography, illustration, painting, graphic design, typography, and more. I tend to focus on Malaysian culture using Bahasa Malaysia, Malaysian nursery rhymes, folk tales, and P. Ramlee films. In addition to creating art, I love to teach and to share my knowledge, and I believe I can contribute outside classroom as well as inside.

Currently, I am teaching typography and graphic design in an international university in Malaysia, but I will resign from the job in February to travel the world.

How I Plan To Go Forth

The funds will contribute towards a pre-departure exhibition in January featuring the artwork of my friends and myself, cameras and documentation devices during my travels, design and art tools to use on the road, and for general travel expenses.

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