A project of hope, certainly want it to be done. If asked in the letter, there may be between us could not find it. But if we were to the naked eye of a Human, certainly there is not noticed. Maybe my life before this lot to teach me the true meaning of caring, sharing, feeling, desire and HUMAN. Maybe this is my way to make a good bit meager. I personally plead before a lot of this and I'm doing wrong I forgot to say there are other HUMAN looking like what I felt before. The past, I can share my laughter with friends who lost interchangeably, this time I'd like to share with those looking for a long time. As potential donors, organ donor, I was happy that the organs in my body given to those who need later after I had gone. Not want to create a drama tv as televisions, but as HUMAN ever forget and drift for a while and I was not the DJ Don or Ustaz Azhar Idrus. I just feel that they-those from needy families, orphaned children, and as such deserved to be the joy of another HuMan.


About Me

Hello Malaysian. My name is Mohd Zharif Bin Mokhter but can call me AYEP because all my friends was called me that name. Originated and grew up in Kuala Lumpur and 2012 is the 28th year that I placed on this Beautiful Earth. Was working at TV3 at last 4 years, interest in the field of music, outdoor activities, socializing with my friends is one of my activities and even i'm not a PROFESSIONAL, but I am very interested in the field of Photography and this is way to release the pressure and made a hobby when i have extra time and im still learning from my own mistakes and always asked them who know better about "Photography". Born in Pisces which has the character of a good-humored, often making others laugh of his own, friendly, simple chatting, listeners are loyal, honest, intelligent, and creative and undemonstrative love of storytelling. Raised from modest family, I am the second child from five siblings in which the first is my sister who is married, under my next, working at UTM, under which was number 4, is studying at France , under JPA Scholarship and my youngest brother was still studying at UiTM Segamat, Johor. My family and I taught a simple way of life where what we want is quite limited because Mom and Dad are more concerned with their children's education than luxury. Due to the desire that never felt forced to be suppressed before that we all still breathing today. As a perfect care of Mom and Dad, makes my eyes open on this day to see and know that there are still have a lots people who need them most of what I need before. From there I learned about human life which is sometimes overlooked or ignored by the so-called Human. Human in Human. Sure there are implicit and explicit.

How I Plan To Go Forth

Actually, frankly i say, my english not very good, so I use google translate for this. Suppose that if I win and get RM20k, The first thing I am going to do is i will say "THANKS GOD". This might be a miracle that has been written. I will feel very happy and proud of myself because of this money I could SHARING joy to those who are unable to feel or may not be able to feel it. There may be among us today who really was born in the life of luxury and self-sufficient. But have crossed our hearts and minds for those less fortunate or maybe they can not directly feel it. is indeed a perfect creation of this EARTH OWNER some easy and some are difficult. each of their needy never applied or want such a life. Maybe it does not happen to us, contact us or our close relatives. But let us take a deep breath and when we exhale, try to use common sense and moral sense has always been in each of us, and that is where we are going to feel like what they're feeling. For those who are destined Parental death in seconds they were young or not ready and not enough love of a father and mother, what are your feelings when they see friends or the people around me have fun with what little while they would cry. That is not their will or the will of any man, but that's called FATE. my joints

I do not know when that came to me one day, am I ready for this? am I strong to face this test? are you sure you're ready? are you confident that you will always live in easy circumstances like now? I know, you all certainly have the answer. But if we remember and never forget that human life is like a wheel that rotates, it will definitely infusion from your heart clean and sensitive to share this joy with the less fortunate. Maybe with a little bit but sincere sharing of each CITIZENS OF MALAYSIA, will give a thousand beautiful meaning to them. No Compulsion If you want to do ..

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