Art of Dance

Besides travelling around the world to understand their dance better, I would love to gather all the passionate dancers to talk more about their thinking about the dance in their country on youtube. I want to let parents or everyone in the world to know that dance is a form of art. It's not a thing or tools that making the kids or dancers to look cool! We don't want that. We just want the people around us to support what we're doing.

After having a documentaries from the dancers, we can have different dance instructors to exchange dance styles in different countries. That way, we get to have different dance styles involved in the world. Dance is a culture. It's a passion. It's a dream to go far.

Gan Xiao Ning

About Me

A passionate hip hop dancer who lack of confidence and still in the road of searching her own identity. Since young, I just love being on the stage to perform. Now I'm 19 years old. I was a company dancer and perform many times on stage. Even now I quitted the company, I still love the stage and the passion --- DANCE. I may not be able to perform officially as a company dancer but I dance at home, in the club, along the street. Whenever the music is on, I'll be there dancing. The more dancers I've met, the more confidence I will lose simply because I'm afraid that I'm not a great dancer. I want to be better. I want to learn more. I want to travel the world to see the dance culture from every single country because dance is a different kind of art that can be expressed in every different way in different country. I want to a dancer who travel the world and spread the art of it.

How I Plan To Go Forth

The fund enable me to travel and search for dancers to be in my documentary as well as the tools for me to spread the art of dance around social media or radio.

If possible, I would love to get some volunteers to help me to spread this message around so that people wouldn't get the wrong perception of dance.

Even that if I couldn't get anything in return but at least I know that I did my best to spread the message around the world and I know there are passionate dancers out there who would love to do the same thing as me. Telling the world how much they love to dance and how far they wanna go with dance.

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