Be a (love) Designer

I'm starting my designer dream by creating 2 awesome illustrative books that inspires everyone to believe that love still exists beautifully amongst us in our lives.

The first one would be a children's book that inspires them to travel & learn of the people & places all around the world and seeing the beauty that the world has to offer. It would be an art illustrative book that are formed and created with loads of love and with its own magic.

The second book that I am planning to make is of awesome stories of real people through interviews - its fully an illustrative book also. This book is close to my heart as it prevails the love of people which inspires me and I hope it'll inspire others too in a humane way that love exists all the while.

I plan to expand my creativity and my dream as a designer by instilling "love" into people's heart, mind and soul through many other art & design projects (both in book, illustration or art forms and of real life experiences/projects) that will be shown in my website alongside with my other creations of loves.

I want to be able to connect with people through love, art and designs.

Premalatha Sunderam

About Me

I am Prema, also known as Chloe Sidh (designer name). I work a full time job currently but as all of you, I have my own dream too- to become a designer (a creative designer, an illustrator and an author) that instill love into people's life.

I have been drawing & coloring since I was in high school and for all I know is, that devoted love is still entwined within my heart and soul. It is my salvation. I'm obsessed of all the creativity, colors, beauty and loves that the "world" is waiting for me to be engrossed with and softly pluck her loves to be spread to humanity. I still believe in fairy tales, beautiful love stories and foremost I believe in the power of love (of all forms) that it can bring the good in everyone. I have never had a lesson in design and I am self-taught but I do believe that it only takes love and willpower to do whatever I am passionate about. As a designer I am able to tell the world that to the world, to inspire them through love and humanity. I want to be just like Candy Chang - her designs and creativity enthralled me.

My artworks and doodles can be viewed in my Instagram ChloeSidh_prema and in facebook under Chloe Sidh.

How I Plan To Go Forth

As for now, I have been doing my drawings using paper and pencil, and also my ipad with round stylus but the clarity and the precision of a graphic is not there, hence a non professional result. With the fund, I'll be able to get myself a tablet with its pen especially made for it, have a designer website that continously updates and inpires people to love through my projects and designs and with remaining sum i'll use them to get a good camera that take good high quality shots and also makes a good video.

These tablet, website & camera are essential tools for me to pursue my dream to be a designer, the designer that I wanted to be, to enable me to draw, design, snap photos and shoot videos for all my projects of art, design & humanity.

It'll be my platform for a wonderful beginning!

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