Superwantanmian Project

I had a nickname for myself, which I call Superwantanmian. It was a coincidental name that I combined my love for wantanmee and superman that it became such a name. I felt it was silly at first but my friends liked it, so I thought maybe I should call myself that. Just as I love eating, I like sharing awesome food with my friends, so I decided maybe I should start-up the best wantanmee concept store in the world. The store will be based on the Japanese ramen road stall concept where it would be simple stall serving warm-comforting food. Not to forget it will have its own signature Superwantans! The main idea of the store is to create a nice environment where friends can have a great time, and good ol\' Chinese food. Despite having no culinary skills besides the usual maggi mee, I am determined to launch this project of mine and who knows that Superwantanmian may just be the next My Burger Lab? ;)

Nicholas Chin

About Me

My name is Nicholas and I'm an aspiring photographer/director. I loved drawing ever since I was young but I realized that my drawings were never as good as my other artsy friend\'s work. I stopped drawing for quite some time before I realized that I could take nice pictures using my hand phone, which then I thought why don\'t I pick up photography? Few years have passed and I was glad that I made the right decision.

Having also dabbled in videography ever since the first video-capable DSLR, the Nikon D90 was launched, I embarked my journey in videographing and directing various short films and music videos. It was never easy getting my imaginations come true but it tests my capabilities with the limited resources I get.

I\'m also a food addict and I\'m willing to travel great distances just to have a taste of the best food in the world. I eat to live and I live to eat! :)

How I Plan To Go Forth

The winning funds will go to the creation of the best wantanmee in town, and also the most eye-catching wantanmee stall ever!

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