Project SeXed

Today, inadequate conversations regarding sexual behavior has seen many young adults at great risk of committing themselves into relationships and taking it further without understanding the complexities of a sexual relationship.

Our project is non-profit, non-religious, and non-political. We're also not here to judge or preach. Instead, we hope to share the reality of what sexual relationships really become. There are always good stories and bad stories in any situation and we hope to capture as many of it as possible to give a full view on sexual relationships. It is a myth that this will promote sexual behaviors. Those who want to commit it, would do so with or without our campaign. In fact, it is with stories of such that will give them more information to weigh their decisions. Project SeXed is to promote informed choices among young adults when it comes to sexual acts, this is important as the topic of sex is still a sensitive issue and of great controversies in Asian culture.

Briana Leong

About Me

I'm 20 this year and I want to be an advocate for comprehensive sex ed in Malaysia.

How I Plan To Go Forth

We want to:

1) Get a domain for our website: projectsexed.com sounds gorgeous, no?

2) Film a simple documentary to present to Malaysians, the idea of Project Sexed as we kick start our campaign


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