thankyou. is not just some quirky title or common catchphrase. thankyou. is about gratitude, and how the mere act of giving thanks and feeling thankful can make your wildest dreams come true.

This project is to kickstart my business as a visionary, holistic artist. I mainly produce a variety of watercolour artwork, particularly hand-painted journal covers for ‘Gratitude Logs’. I also give tarot card-readings and astrology chart-readings to help people.

Find out more in facebook.com/thankyouniverse :)

Jolin Kwok

About Me

I'm someone who always thought she was going to do great things for humanity. Now I am making it happen through my magical, visionary artwork and intuitive readings of tarot and astrology.

I mainly help people with my great sense of empathy and kindness.

How I Plan To Go Forth

I have a lot of short-term and long-term goals. The following is a general financial plan to be executed upon receiving the grand prize money:-

Within 1 month:
1. I will start and maintain my business online (via Facebook Page, Etsy, Official Website/Weblog) and in art fairs (ArtforGrabs, Pipit Zakar, and other bazaars). The money will be used for online transaction costs, booth rental fees, as well as the creation of my brand logo.
2. I will invest in quality art material. Anyone who does serious artwork would know that the production cost can be high. I believe in producing quality AND quantity, so I would invest in bulk orders of high quality art products (watercolour paint, watercolour canvas, blank journals, package wrappers, etc) to make even better quality items for my clients.
3. I will invest in a good webmaster and other necessary people for administrative purposes so that I can focus on creating more quality artwork.

Within 6 months:
1. I will rent a space in Publika Square or Jaya One as my workspace and exhibition space. The private space is necessary for both my work and my clients’ privacy. I also intend to showcase works of other local and global artists that express their sense of gratitude and appreciation for life.

After 6 months and beyond:
1. As I have chosen Publika Square as my new work location, I would like to move from Puchong to somewhere nearer too. This would make my services more easily accessible for the public. Moreover, due to financial constraints, I currently live in my parents’ home. My parents have been very kind and supportive to host me and I would like to relieve them of the financial cost. So I intend to invest in a loft of some sort where I can live and work at comfortably.
2. Gradually, I will move on to create my own center of holistic arts and having partnerships with various people of the creative and performing arts, both local and international, in creating more beautiful things and events that would encourage people from all walks of life to fully engage with their artistic and poetic nature, their appreciation for life. I will produce performance pieces and other innovative works that would revolve around the theme of gratitude and appreciation. This is why I named my brand or company "thankyou." in the first place.
3. To prove that I am really serious about this expansion, I am already discussing plans with a good friend of mine to create a fashion label division under thankyou. We intend to sell stylish items of recycled materials, “motivational-cookie” style. Hopefully this will encourage people to appreciate used products, or things that they already have.

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