Sneak a peek Reinvents

My hope for this new venture is to become Malaysia's one-stop centre for all things lingerie and shapewear. Not only to offer consumers with a variety of high quality labels but to also support handmade lingerie labels from around the world.

To educate consumers on bra sizing, breast care, style and how to\'s all under one roof. To give consumers a precise image of products through product videos.
In all, to create a place that is loving, inclusive, and empowering to women all over.

iza sharmila

About Me

Started out with an independent tshirt label, Devotee in high school, I have developed an immense interest in fashion business. After graduating in international fashion marketing in 2011, and as I grew older, my love for lingerie and intimates grew and thus started Sneakapeekonline.net, an online portal for fashion forward lingerie and shapewear in mid 2012.

In Malaysia, I believe people are always ashamed of their intimate choices and public have always had this perception of lingerie, that it is only for women who are in heterosexual relationships to wear for their men. When in actual fact, lingerie is to make you feel good. The layer closest to your skin should help you feel comfortable and confident and amazing all day long, Lingerie is not just only bras and garter belts, it also includes robes, loungewear and more.

Today, lingerie has transcend into high fashion and into street fashion. With designers like Balenciaga taking inspirations from lingerie, to great style icons who popularize the lingerie-inspired celebrity fashion.

How I Plan To Go Forth

The winning fund will go towards video production on product videos for the website as well as breast care and style videos.

Having a bigger team to conduct personal fitting sessions at home, directly to consumers.

To hold lingerie and breast care talks and fun creative styling lingerie workshops.

To hold styling and fitting sessions for bridal parties.

To offer more variety of high quality lingerie labels including plus size labels that are lacking currently in the market.

With the funds going directly to these planned initiatives, we can be one step closer to our mission stated previously and hopefully improve women's everyday lives and confidence.

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