The passionate Luthier

My current in actions,are:studying and keep on practicing with my instrument making technique,learn Italian language for the benefit of understanding and translating old Italian archives and document them precisely,participate in the musical instrument building competition to come in 2015,and keep on sharing my knowledge with friends. Set up a tiny workshop at rented room as my homework place,visiting instrument fairs and exhibition to gain more knowledge.And finally,have a workshop for apprentices and pupils alike,to fulfill the desire of learning.

Andrew Tan Nyen Wen

About Me

I am born in a happy family in the year of 1986,growing up with a lot of memorable experiences,my dreams and ambition become unusual.
Seeing me doing arts and crafts at a very young age,development in artistic taste and passion for creation takes place so naturally,encouragements from parents and relatives unceasingly,even teachers and friends around recognized the efforts.
Participated in numerous painting competitions and musical performances,experience comes first, then prizes.To win prizes is of course the compliment for hours of practices,and the utmost credit,is for a better achievement in the future.
However,eliminating the best art form to further study means I would have to give up other skills acquired for years.3 years ago,having a chance to travel to Italy,my long desired combination of profession comes to agreement.By visiting a historical musical instrument museum in Rome,inspired me to be a luthier. Which means I am able to preserve my musical talent by catching up with violin playing and the creativity of making one.The ultimate aim,is to preserve old historical musical instruments that have been forgotten in centuries,seeing them laying in show cases desperately broken into fragments by force of time wasn't the nature of instruments,I would like the world to hear their beautiful music again,refurbished,replicates,preserved and revive the knowledge and appreciation of early music for our future generations to come.With the glory of inheriting traditions from our predecessors and generously passing down to all who love to learn the luthier skills,therefor I bravely venture again to the source--Italian violin making school in Parma,Noceto,under the guidance of maestro Renato Scrolavezza to complete a nation's dreams.

How I Plan To Go Forth

I am urgently needing some quite costly tools,for instant: work bench,chisel,plane,gauge,measuring kits,etc.(and the list goes on).Various kind of wood and materials from European regions,accessories and set ups.
The requirement for spending,do not just end here,the workshop will need more wood for more creations and more expenditure on lighting and gas,with good use of the funds,the program of keeping traditions alive is crucial.

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