L.A.R.K is short for Life's A Real Kaleidoscope-- a collection of fun, limited edition accessories that are proudly handcrafted right here in Malaysia. I begin each accessory with a sketch which then slowly takes form through rounds and rounds of prototyping. Each material is personally selected, hand-cut, and I finish selected stitches individually by hand. I'm enamored by color play and putting colors together never fails to excite me-- with the color pairings I see emotions and characters coming to life. A little part of me goes into every piece I make and I'm excited to see them travel across the world.

Ching-Ching Ng

About Me

Hello! I'm Ching. In 2012 I started L.A.R.K to sell my handmade accessories. Things didn't come easy as it was not an easy task to be noticed in the sea of many talents on the Internet. Still, I kept trying and trying. With a stroke of luck, L.A.R.K was spotted by Daily Candy, an online fashion digest based in US. Til today, L.A.R.K has been picked up by fashion-forward websites including Frankie (Australia), Kim Gray (South Africa), We Heart (UK), and Because London (UK). L.A.R.K has also been approached by Fab, The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, Amber Atherton, and other foreign buyers.

I started L.A.R.K with a 90 Ringgit budget for materials and a sewing machine that my mother had passed to me years ago. Whatever money I earned went into investing in better materials, tool upgrades, and funded more experimentation for developing newer designs and products. I now work on a heavy duty industrial sewing machine and import certain high quality materials that can't be found locally. At times, it's challenging to fulfill large orders as I craft each piece individually by hand. Nevertheless, I like being a slave. Especially when I'm my own master.

How I Plan To Go Forth

I would like to continue nurturing my baby L.A.R.K until it grows into a giant unstoppable monster. Ok, kidding. Sorta. It would be ideal to be able to invest in more efficient tools, advertising and additional help to continue creating more unique accessories that are proudly handmade in Malaysia and shipped worldwide. And perhaps maybe even expanding beyond accessories one day.

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