DecoNeko - Deco means decoration, and Neko means cat. So the name literally means decoration cat (I love cats).

For those who love Japanese things and craft might have discovered the growing popularity of Japanese do-it-yourself candy and kits worldwide especially in youtube. What you do is you take packets of powder, mix it with water then voila! From powder it turns into candy that’s shaped like sushi, burger, ramen noodles, cake, panda dango, all the things that you would never imagine possible. It’s so awesome, it’s almost like magic! This is art in its glorious form. It’s not only so much fun to do, but it’s also very delicious!

There are also do-it-yourself kits for everything imaginable. Japanese love putting really cute DIY design to their personal belongings. Like ‘decoden’ which is a word mix of ‘deco’ as in decoration, and ‘den’ which is a partial word of ‘denwa’ which means mobile phone, where you take bits and pieces of cute ‘cabochons’ (cute miniature items in various shapes and sizes), stick it on anything like books, phones, portable game consoles etc. and add some fake whipped cream and voila, another art in its most imaginative and creative form. They unleash the creativity in you. You can find almost any kits in Japan – from making your own erasers to keychain, accessories, cute bento and sandwiches, clay, stamps, popcorn, cotton candy and the list goes on and on.

Those who could go beyond their own boundaries would mix and match to create a completely new and different type of creation. DecoNeko is all about encouraging people to unleash their creativity in a new and interesting way that the Japanese have kept to themselves before the era of internet & technology (and youtube!)

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Intan Fazliana Din

About Me

I have one passion in life - art. Hi, my name is Intan. I am a diploma graduate from a local university college majoring in film. Art has been a part of me since I could walk. I love drawing, singing, dancing, editing fanvideos, experimental films, zombies etc. I also make chocolates and bake cupcakes. I love anything and everything that requires creativity. About a decade ago, I was obsessed with J-Pop. I’ve always been interested in everything Japan – language, music, movies, food, anime, games, culture, invention, history, cities, lifestyle, fashion, oh you name it. Being in a Japanese school for one year also majorly influenced my obsession with Japan. One major thing that I absolutely love about Japanese people is that boys and girls, kids and adults, they all love kawaii thing! Kawaii means cute. When you see the design in EVERYTHING, it’s always so cute and colourful! Not to mention creative too.

So last year, I discovered a great thing that had rapidly increase in popularity and now a current trend- Japanese DIY candy! Because it’s very rare to find those gems in Malaysia, I decided to open ‘DecoNeko’, an online based store selling these weird yet awesome DIY candy and kits. From making candy, to making erasers to light fuwa fuwa clay to those really cute squishy, you name it. If it’s kawaii/cute, it’ll be in my store. It took me 3 months of research, planning, designing, and negotiating before I officially opened my online store. I spent every penny I have in my savings account importing few boxes of candies & kits at a time. My aim is to make all the rare fun Japanese creations available in Malaysia. My hope is to be able to grow DecoNeko and expand it to be the one-stop shop for candies and craft materials.

How I Plan To Go Forth

I have a mission to work at expanding my store to the point that I’m capable of opening a real, physical store. There are so many unique items available worldwide that I would love to have in my store. I plan to import more items not just limited to Japan but other parts of the world as well such as Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, China even the US.

I want to invest towards the cost of importing more unique items, advertising cost, a better paid shopping cart system with better SEO support (which is crucial), a HD video camera to film all the craft and tutorials for my items, a smart phone or iPad for better and faster customer support when I’m away, traveling expenses to promote my items for Malaysians & expatriates, and to tap into international market and make the items available worldwide.

I also want to invest towards buying my own craft items so I could start making my own handmade items to sell such as keychain, accessories, decoden-type designs for various items and more.

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