Levi's Hear Me Out!

Levi's Hear Me Out will be a campaign that will be roaring among the youngsters. It will be a boosting platform for the to showcase their creative talents, creativity and their unique personality. Everybody is different, and everyone should be given a chance!


About Me

I believe that I do things that I feel its right, I will not let anyone change my mind until I achieve it, regardless it is beyond my reach. I got to say, I'm a positive thinker, I'm not perfect but I try to stay as positive as I can because its all in our mind! We really can achieve what we want, because the universe is infinity, and thus so are our dreams and desire. I believe that with great support and God, we mould our own dreams!

How I Plan To Go Forth

I was a child who was really shy, who could not look up to anyone in the eye. I had no proper guidance and people kept critisizing me regardless of the way I looked or the way I behaved (being shy). I had to learn it in it on my own way.

But with the help of Levi's everything can change! How you say? Hear are some examples:

Example 1:
Levi's is a leading brands among youngsters! Trust me, it is! Why don't Levi's, start doing roadshows to most University and Colleges's in Malaysia? Thats when you will and can reach out to the younger generations! Levi's can organise competitions like modelling competitions and pageants, whereby people with low self esteem and lack of confidence, can make a move and can be given a chance to discover their self. It may seem small, but this little things will let them to grow and experience this journey! Levi's should be a role model where, everyone should be given a chance regardless of that 'perfect' rules being set for models or pageants. It may seem crazy, but trust me the crazy ones are the ones who change the world! Believe me! :)

Example 2:
Levi's should spread the joy and colourfulness by being the role model the people want to see. I maybe lucky enough to be writing about this campaign, but what about the people who where not so lucky knowing about this? Everyone is unique in their own way. Levi's should constantly be in the line with its people! Levi's should be the role model by organizing more of this contest and letting the generation know about the unique ideas that can be given by many deserving people out there. Levi's can be a platform in positive thinking and making a change with style.

I hope, my little idea, gets a chance in Levi's with style. Levi's was always my dream, and I used to save up always to buy my favourite pair of Jeans! One day out of surprise, my friend, gifted me with one, and it may me feel so great!

Its always about giving to receive more, hope Levi's can continue being our role model and thus, giving back to the people! Thank you for reading! :)

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